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The benefits of a well-rounded education

The British International School of Kuala Lumpur (BSKL) is one of the top international schools in the country which is noticeably highlighted through its academic success. However, academia is not the only area the school excels in.

With world-class facilities and resources, BSKL provides extensive extracurricular activities and unique opportunities that moves beyond tradition, offering a modern and holistic approach to education. 

These activities range from sports and the arts, to science and community work, including BSKL Eco-Lions, Model United Nations, the International Award and student leadership opportunities. However what makes BSKL unique is that as part of Nord Anglia Education (NAE), it has collaborations with the world’s best, including The Juilliard, MIT and UNICEF, as well as connecting over 50,000 students through the global campus. You can read more about this here. These activities and programmes that go well beyond the curriculum provide students with a broader knowledge and a more rounded education. 

What are the benefits of a well-rounded education?

1. Develop unique skills and abilities
Leadership, teamwork and social responsibility, planning, resourcefulness, analytical thinking and public speaking are just some of the ‘real world’ skills that students learn alongside academia.

2. Enhance academic studies
It is well known that participating in extracurricular activities enhances academic studies. For example, sport is a great stress reliever and increases brain function and concentration levels which is ideal during exam time. These activities can also improve on skills such as better time management.

3.Experience solidifies learning
Extracurricular activities that involves being out in the workplace, community or any ‘real life’ situation, reinforces lessons and theories learned in the classroom and helps puts things into context. 

4. Pushes students beyond their comfort zone and develops self esteem
Trying new things will help children become more confident in their abilities and even uncover a hidden talent they didn’t know about. This positive boost will in turn lead to improved social, personal and academic performance. 

5. Provides a wider social network
Taking part in extracurricular programmes will expand social networks by interacting with people from different year groups, communities and even countries. The Global Campus is a perfect example of this in action. Students can learn and collaborate with one another to improve their studies.

6.Better able to adapt to life changes
Through taking part in a variety of activities, particularly ones they find difficult or challenging, students will understand the value of resilience and the need to adapt and be flexible. This is becoming more important in an ever-changing world where future jobs don’t even exist yet.

7. Discover and pursue passions
If students are introduced to a wide range of topic areas and activities early on, it will help them explore and discover what they are passionate about and where their interests lie.

8. Helps nurture creativity
The pursuit of academic success and top grades can often stifle creativity, particularly in young children who are inquisitive and imaginative by nature. Creative activities not only allow students to express themselves and help discover what inspires them, but is also incredibly important for brain development. 

9. CVs and University applications
Students need to demonstrate that they are well-rounded individuals when applying for universities and jobs. Social, personal, spiritual, physical and moral capabilities are just, if not more, important as intellect.

10. Important for health and wellbeing
Not all extracurricular activities need to develop a new skill or hone an existing one. They can simply provide enjoyment and relaxation for students who are otherwise under a lot of pressure and stress from their studies, contributing to their overall health and wellbeing. 

It is clear to see that extracurricular activities are just as important as academic studies and that they both complement each other to provide a well-rounded education. Of course students can do too much and spread themselves too thinly trying to fit everything in, so BSKL encourages them to find and focus on their passion. 

Nikki Macleod, Assistant Head for Post 16 and Community Engagement at BSKL said: “It is important that students take part in ‘meaningful’ activities that supports them as an individual. We want to encourage students to find their passion through a variety of lived experiences and meaningful interactions from which they can draw upon when they go out into the world.” 

Janet Brock, Headteacher at BSKL also said: “Our holistic approach to education means that we develop whole individuals who possess transferable life skills, as well as academic skills. This will ensure they complete their education with us well prepared for the next stage of their lives with the strength of character to match.”