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In January 2021, the Year 7 students will be the leaders in the Bring Your Own Apple pilot. As you may be aware Regents has been selected to be an Apple pilot school with Nord Anglia Education. Nord Anglia has recently been approached by Apple to become partners in developing Apple Education across the Nord Anglia Network. As Nord Anglia is leading in Education, and Apple with technology this partnership will develop innovation for learning with technology. We are excited to be going on this journey with your children and developing them as inventors of the future. 

Our philosophy at Regents International School Pattaya is that, “We are ambitious for our students and teachers, providing forward thinking international education so that our students can achieve more than they think possible.” This partnership with Apple will enable and empower your children to take their learning to a whole new level that meets the needs of contemporary trends. 

In January 2021, all year 7 students will need their own Apple device to be able to access the new innovative curriculum. These devices are to be used for learning and educational purposes only. The teachers are now working on developing a 21st Century Curriculum which will support the children in their journey to be creators in the future.

There will be much more information to come, below we have some information on which apple device we recommend for you purchase for your child to bring to school in January 2021, and some frequently asked questions.  

What your child will need starting school in January 2021 for the BYOA scheme.

Essential equipment (One of these options):
iPad Air (3rd generation) -WiFIonly recommended
iPad mini (5th generation) -WiFIonly recommended
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st or 2nd, 3rd generation) -WiFIonly recommended
iPad Pro 10.5-inch -WiFIonly recommended
iPad Pro11 inch -WiFIonly recommended
iPad Pro 9.7-inch -WiFIonly recommended
iPad (6th generation) -WiFIonly recommended
iPad (7th generation) -WiFIonly recommended
Storage capacity of 128gbor above
Case and Screen protector


Recommended equipment


  • Generation 1- 3 ensure it is compatible with your ipad 


  • UAG Shockproof cover 

  • Griffin Survivor 

  • Otterbox (dustproof, waterproof, shockproof) 


Apple Discounts

We have managed to get a partnership with a local Apple reseller that matches the Apple educational discount. Please find more details about purchasing iPads here and MacBooks and iMacs here.

Please contact Khun Songpon Tumpanuwat via the email songpon@comseven.com stating that your children attend Regents and copy chinawat.polken@regents-pattaya.co.th in on the email.

Let them know what product you want and they will give you instructions for a bank transfer. Delivery will happen 2 days after payment.


Contact Nicole Sargeant for support with apps and support around learning.

Contact Amos Turner-Wardell for any general questions related to the scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why an Apple Device rather than a cheaper model?

    Apple devices and software are powerful tools that are designed to unleash creativity, productivity and innovation in education.  Apple have also designed curricula to work alongside their products which broaden possibilities in the classroom and provide learning experiences that help prepare students for today’s world and the future. 

    We want every aspect of our students experience with technology to be simple, safe and intuitive.  Instead of allowing multiple systems, we have chosen to use Apple as our only platform at Regents.  This will ensure greater productivity and everyone will get fair access to software and apps.   

  • What kind of security will be on the iPad to prevent my child accessing some areas?
    The student devices will be connected to the school network which provides a robust firewall protection in terms of online activity. We will also enroll the students' Pads on our mobile device manager system to be able to control some features while they are inside school premises. 
  • Lost or damaged iPads?
    The school policy is the same for any lost items, we recommend you have insurance which will cover you for any lost property. We will explain in one of the parent sessions about the app “Find my ipad” which can be enabled to track your child’s devices.
  • What apps will my child need?
    All Apple products come with a suite of apps as standard that allow for creativity and productivity in the classroom.  These apps include Keynote, Pages, Sheets, iMovie and GarageBand which are designed to be as limitless as a child’s imagination.  These apps allow students to not only be productive but also give them flexible tools to express themselves and pursue even the most ambition projects.
  • I can’t afford this type of device will there be any support from school?

    If you find that you can´t cover the cost of the device, please contact Alirio Rodriguez to find out possible options to finance the purchase of the device or temporarily borrow one from the school.

  • What support is available for teachers?
    Over this academic year and for the future years our teachers are being trained in Apple technology, many have already received the apple teacher award, and attended sessions with Apple educators in Thailand. We have an intensive programme in place for most teacher who will be teaching year 7 and we are already working with the Year 6 team who are developing these skills with your children now.
  • How does it work with the digital device policy?
    The digital device policy supports devices for learning, we encourage the use of devices as a tool to enhance the curriculum and support academics. They should not be used at social times for gaming, social media etc.
  • Can children use them at break and lunch times?
    They can if they are supervised by a member of staff and it is being used for learning, as per the policy now.  
  • What support will be available for parents?
    There will be a number of workshops in the new year for parents advising them on the questions above. 


Our teachers embrace innovation, personalising each student's learning experience to ensure they achieve exceptional results and become multitalented global citizens. This takes them wherever they want to go in life – including the world’s top universities.

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