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07 December, 2020

Lifelong learning: professional development at Nord Anglia Education

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The Masters in International Education from Kings College London is a fantastic opportunity offered by Nord Anglia Education. It is allowing me to engage with the most current research in international education guided by tutors from this prestigious university. Through seminars and tutorials I am furthering my understanding of the main issues facing international schools whilst at the same time developing my research and analytical skills alongside NAE colleagues from all over the world.
Ms. Sara
Assistant Head of Primary (Years 2-4) / French Teacher
Lifelong learning: professional development at Nord Anglia Education Lifelong learning: professional development at Nord Anglia Education

To deliver high quality teaching, we know our teachers have to receive high quality training - not just at the beginning of their careers, but throughout it. For developing best practice, knowledge building and collaborating with colleagues around the world, our teachers have access to their unique professional development hub - Nord Anglia University (NAU). Created and designed by teachers - NAU is packed full of educational resources and courses made exclusively for our 13,000 teachers around the world. We are constantly evolving this platform and this year we’re pleased to launch Nord Anglia University 2.0 worldwide.

Nord Anglia University 2.0

Our latest version of NAU has been improved to make our learning material even more bespoke. At the centre of this is the new AI function which personalises the learning experience to suit the individual. By asking our teachers questions to understand which modules, seminars or webinars would most benefit them, NAU 2.0 creates each of our teachers their own professional development programme. Through a unique login, our teachers can access their personalised Nord Anglia University whenever they like, work through the courses they have been matched with, and explore extensive additional resources. The platform is a 24/7 hub for learning and development, completely bespoke to the individual.

How does NAU 2.0 support professional development?

We continually refresh NAU so that the content is always relevant and beneficial to the changing nature of modern teaching. From new ways to approaching a subject, to upskilling our teachers in the advanced digital technology they use for remote teaching, our courses centre on the rounded skill sets required for delivering excellence in education.

Our professional development courses equip our teachers for any scenario. Currently, for example, many of our students, parents and teachers are facing new challenges due to the unpredictable events of this year. Essential school closures have prioritised the health and safety of our students and resulted in many continuing their education with the Virtual School Experience. Through NAU 2.0 we have provided every teacher with thorough training in remote teaching. Like many of our NAU courses, Remote Teaching is delivered by our Teaching Fellows, senior members of the Nord Anglia family who have demonstrated outstanding practice and expertise in the area, as well as the highest quality external trainers.

We also offer or partner with a number of course providers to give our teachers access to as much variety of training as possible. For example, we have recently introduced LinkedIn Learning to the platform. This opens up over 16,000 courses to our teachers and gives them the freedom to truly tailor their professional development to their own needs and interests. Soon also to launch is the language learning tool Rosetta Stone. This will give all of our teachers the chance to learn a foreign language and upskill the languages they already speak.

Career progression

Helping our teachers to reach their professional goals is a key part of why NAU exists. We aim to equip every Nord Anglia teacher with the skills they need to enjoy a long career with us and excel in their role. Our Executive Masters in International Education is just one of the well established programmes our teachers can continue to enrol in through NAU 2.0. Run in partnership with world renowned Kings College London, the Executive Masters is entirely bespoke and exclusively available to Nord Anglia teachers through NAU.

All of our teachers are ambitious and many aim to become the future senior leadership of their school. To guide and support them through this journey, we also offer a Senior Leaders and Middle Leaders Programme, as well as an Aspiring Headteachers Programme. These equip our teachers so that they have a clear path to progression from whichever stage of their career they are currently in.

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At the heart of a world class education are world class teachers. To find out more about how we support professional development at Nord Anglia Education, visit Regents Teachers Professional Development page.