Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
28 March, 2023

A huge thank you to everyone for their participation in Inclusion week. It was great to see so many individuals dressed in the colours that marked what we were focused on across the different days of the week.

Last week our unique, kind and caring school community here at STA celebrated diversity and inclusion through many events and fun activities designed to promote awareness. It was great to see everyone across the school so focused on understanding more about each other, and how we can all support and help members of our school community who have different ways to learn and challenges they face.

Through better understanding we will all gain a more balanced view and have the necessary skills to deal with any issues or situations that we come across in the future.

Activities included banner making, rainbow ribbons, sock decorating, art projects, makaton signing and singing, badge selling, parent coffee every day with things we often take for granted. mornings and workshops, wearing odd socks, blue and green items of clothing to raise awareness of Downs Syndrome, Autism and Cerebral Palsy, and many more. Here at STA, we are incredibly proud of our inclusive and diverse ethos in which everyone has a place. 

Please look out each week in the Newsletter for "Makaton - Sign of the Week" video, and Inclusion Corner, a new weekly segment from Ms Catherine, suggesting and promoting new research, literature and information on the topic of inclusion. 

Thanks must also go to the Whole School Learning Support Team for all their hard work in running such a successful Inclusion Week across both campuses for the STA Community.