Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
08 May, 2023

Emil | Class of 2023 Senior Highlight


How has St Andrews helped prepare you for university?

The IB programme is designed to prepare students for university-level education and beyond. By completing the IB programme at St Andrews, I have acquired critical thinking, time management, and developed my leadership and communication skills that surely will be helpful for university and life in general.


What have you learned from IBDP?

Through the programme, I have developed skills in time management, research, critical thinking, and communication. The IBDP is designed to promote international-mindedness, which I have experienced to be important in today's globalised world. I have gained an appreciation of different cultures and perspectives that I otherwise wouldn't be familiar with. This will be valuable in my personal and professional life.


Your plans for university or after graduation?

After graduating from St Andrews and completing the IB programme I will be taking a gap year. During my gap year I will gain work experience and have the opportunity to explore more of Asia through travels. I am absolutely certain that this will be an amazing investment towards my future and the experiences I will gain through this year will be some of the most valuable in my life. I am looking forward to being more independent and learning more about myself, my qualities and weaknesses before moving on to study in university.


Favourite memory from STA?

Throughout my time at STA I have created many memories that will follow me forever. It is difficult to choose a favourite memory, but when I am thinking back on my time at STA there is one thing that stands out for me. Together with the amazing varsity football team we managed to win the BMAC tournament in 2022. Throughout the whole season we have shown fantastic togetherness in the team, which has contributed to a very successful season that I will always remember. Winning BMAC is for sure one of my favourite memories at STA.


Any advice for students going into IB or Year 12s?

The IBDP is a challenging programme, but it is also a rewarding one. Here are some advice that I will give to future or current IB students:


Stay organised: The IBDP requires strong time management skills. Keep a schedule and make sure to prioritise your assignments and activities, but just as important save time for doing things you enjoy outside of school.


Seek help when needed: Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Your teachers and peers are there to support you and help you.


Enjoy the process: The IBDP is a challenging programme, but it can also be a fun and rewarding experience. Take advantage of the opportunities it provides and enjoy the journey.





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