Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
29 August, 2023

Meet the Teacher | Ms Bonnie

Meet the Teacher | Ms Bonnie - Bonnie

Meet the Teacher (#TEACHERFEATURE) is a St Andrews Bangkok community series that will give you a chance to get to know our outstanding educators – their thoughts, ideas and experiences.


Ms Bonnie is our new Mathematics teacher at the High School. She holds a PGCE in Secondary Maths from the University of Exeter and a Bachelor's Degree with Honours in Mathematics from King’s College London University.


Your education and other work experience(s)

I was brought up ALL over the world, mainly home-schooled, before moving to the UK at thirteen years of age. I lived in West Sussex and studied at Midhurst Grammar School, then onto A-Levels in Maths and the sciences at Midhurst Rother College. I then went on to study mathematics at Kings College London University.

After turning twenty-one, I then went off to travel the world again before living and working in Thailand (Koh Tao) and on ships within the Caribbean as a SCUBA Diving Instructor, an American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor, and an Emergency First Responder Instructor for five years.

I returned to the UK in 2017 and started my journey to becoming a Maths teacher, where I studied for my PGCE at Exeter University. I continued living and working as a Maths Teacher in Cornwall for another four years. I missed living in Thailand and that is how my journey to STA began.


What's your favourite thing to do and why?

Travelling, along with seeing different countries and cultures, has always been a huge part of my life, alongside cooking and enjoying all the wonderful food the world has to offer. Growing up in a variety of countries, and travelling as an adult, has developed my awareness of different cultures and most importantly a mindfulness of myself. I believe engaging in a multicultural society is one of the most powerful tools for learning for any individual.


What hobbies do you have and what do you love about them? And what are your other interests?

I love to read, immersing myself in a book. I also enjoy running, swimming, free-diving, and yoga and am a keen CrossFitter. I believe staying fit and active through multiple methods is not only extremely important for your physical health, but also for mental wellbeing.


What do you feel most passionately about and why?

The importance of travelling, being outdoors and active, and reading. I truly believe these are the tools to living the most fulfilling and exciting life while gaining a wide understanding of the world around us.