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06 June, 2024

Eleonore | Class of 2024 Senior Highlights

Eleonore | Class of 2024 Senior Highlights - Eleonore Senior Highlights

How has the IB Diploma Programme been for you?


I think the IB Diploma Programme is a great opportunity to kickstart your communication skills in a way that you will really need in the future. It really prepares you for university and beyond. Compared to other programmes, it’s a great opportunity to learn so many different subjects at once. It not only academically prepares you, it also helps you develop organizational skills as well.


I really liked Global Politics, Sports Science, and Business. Especially Global Politics; you can’t really study this subject in other programmes the way you do in the IB. Most of the subjects you end up taking are very relevant to university courses, so the transition after High School will be easier for you. 


How has the IB Diploma helped you in pursuing Business for your Bachelor’s?


I chose a university in Switzerland called Glion because they specialise in management. They are known as a business management school and are very international. Switzerland offers many different subjects to focus on and, in my case, with the courses I’ve taken for my IB Diploma, I think this university and major makes sense for me.


The IB give you the opportunity to learn through IAs (Internal Assessments), which are quite in-depth and really prepare you for the type of assignments you will get in university. I took Business HL (Higher Level), and for my IA research paper, I talked about Sustainability in Zara, the clothing brand. I learned things I never knew were relevant in business and, I think that, without this IA, I wouldn’t have been able to see business from the perspective I do now.


Another reason why I chose Business in Glion is the programme structure. What really interested me in the structure is that I get to do three internships. While some Bachelor’s degrees are three years, for me, it will be three years of study and a year of internships, so I get to gain work experience in other countries in addition to the academic part. That’s what I’m really looking forward to.