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27 January, 2022

Celebrating Difference

Celebrating Difference - celebrating-difference
Celebrating Difference This term many of our classes in Key Stage 3 continue to focus on the topic of "celebrating difference" in PSHE.

This term many of our classes in Key Stage 3 continue to focus on the topic of "celebrating difference" in PSHE.

This week Year 8 discussed racism and where in the world they thought it was most prevalent. We discussed the potential problems of measuring that and some of the problems that we might face with the quality of the data. When presented with data from a large study, students were surprised by the results; in many cases the countries that they had predicted as having higher instances were some of the lowest. I was fascinated to discuss with these students why they might have misjudged the situation and to observe them challenging themselves on their own biases. They were able to identify how the portrayal of racism in the media had impacted their perspective. 

We also had students in the class from the countries where high levels of racism were reported in the study. I was inspired by these students volunteering to give their unique perspective on their home countries and was impressed by how respectfully other students listened to what they had to say.  

PSHE gives us the time for students to think about how global issues such a racism impacts their everyday life. Throughout the year in Key Stage 3 we cover 6 different topics: being me in my world, celebrating differences, dreams and goals, healthy me, relationships and changing me. Each week the teacher will provide the students with a certain level of stimulus and some clear learning intentions but the discussions are often led by the students and how the theme impacts them. This means that every lesson is different but this week the classes were all linked by the respect that they showed for each other. 

Alexandra Hands

Deputy Head Pastoral