11 May, 2022

Helping your Child Revise

As parents it can be so hard to know how best to help your child study and as students, sometimes it can be difficult to find the best way to learn. 

With that in mind, here are my top 10 revision tips for any age and any subject:

  1. Have a quiet, tidy place to study
  2. Leave your phone in another room - it is too distracting
  3. Work in 30-minute sections: Revise solidly for 15 minutes, take a 5-minute exercise break then test yourself on what you have just tried to learn. Take another short break then start the next topic.
  4. Make a schedule so you plan when you will revise each subject, remember to put each subject in several times. 
  5. Try to get checklists or a syllabus from teachers which shows what you need to learn
  6. Use different sources - textbooks, websites to read, youtube, notes from books to find out information
  7. You need to process the information several times in different ways to help you remember it: Write notes, make flash cards from notes, make mind maps, record yourself reading it out, listen back and make new bullet points. 
  8. Don't just do it once and think that is enough - you need to repeat the process several times over several days
  9. Answer questions. These could be from past end of unit tests, ones you have written for yourself or ones asked by a parent
  10. Reward yourself for sticking to your schedule but don't be harsh with yourself if you fall behind; amend it. The schedule is there to help you, not to punish you.

I hope you will find some of these useful as you prepare for exams. Good luck everyone!

Vicky Tompsett

Head of Year 8