13 June, 2022

Planning for Green Camp

This weekend most students in secondary will be packing their bags ready for Green Camp on Monday.

I am sure our children are looking forward to a week with their friends but some of us parents might have mixed feelings about saying goodbye to our children for 5 days. Lockdown has meant fewer opportunities for them to be independent. If, like me, you are concerned about how they will manage without you, here is my advice: 

  1. Help them pack their bags; Take the chance to discuss their feelings and yours about the week ahead, as well as what they need to take.
  2. You don't want to worry they are too hot or cold so make sure they have enough clothing packed. Teachers will help remind them what they need for different activities each day.
  3. Make sure they have something familiar with them: a soft toy, a book, a favourite snack - if your child feels low during the week, they have a reminder that you are thinking about them when they are away
  4. Don't expect long phone calls; there are so many activities going on from early in the morning until bedtime, there is not a lot of time to call home each day. They may also feel pressure not to speak too much as their friends are listening.
  5. Send them text messages; students' phones will be kept safe and dry whilst they are doing all their activities so will not always be able to respond straightaway, but they like to have little reminders that you are always there for them.

I am sure our Secondary Students will enjoy a fantastic Green Camp and that parents will have nothing to worry about.

Mrs Vicky Tompsett

Y8 and Y9 Green Camp - Zefir