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Archaeologist Day

This week, the children of Year 3 arrived in their classes to find a mysterious note in an unrecognizable language! It was torn and old and lying there, on the carpet, for us to find...

  • Archaeologist Day
  • Archaeologist Day
  • Archaeologist Day
  • Archaeologist Day

Over the next few days, we used our modern day computing skills to decode what we learnt was a set of hieroglyphs. The children used an online program to decipher the message which stated: Help us find King Tutankhamun. The children were filled with excitement and knew what they had to do! All week, they prepared themselves for Friday, the day where they would go find the tomb of King Tutankhamun.

On Friday morning, the Year 3 teachers were greeted by dozens of archaeologists, already to go and discover the young Egyptian Pharaoh’s tomb. They took part in a carrousel of activities all day. They learnt how to replicate hieroglyphs, create their own Pharaoh thrones and actually meet Howard Carter! On meeting Howard Carter (who sounded surprisingly feminine and Scottish) they posed lots of fantastic questions about his motives and findings in the search of King Tutankhamun. Best of all, the children went on a hunt through the desert to find the lost tomb. Torches in hand, the archaeologists hunted through the sand to unearth treasures that told them a little more about the Phaoraoh and life in Ancient Egyptian times.

It was a fantastic day and we look forward to learning more on Ancient Egypt in the coming weeks.


By Kirsty McCarra

Year 3 Parrots Class Teacher

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