At BSB Sanlitun, our parents are our partners. Mums and dads are the beating heart of our thriving international community of over 60 nationalities. If you’d like to join our vibrant school, here’s some handy information and resources to help you see why BSB Sanlitun is perfect for your family.
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School Calendar


At BSB Sanlitun, we offer fun and enriching after-school activities (ASAs) every day of the week, and students in Years 1 to 6 attend a compulsory ASA programme for one hour on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These are free of charge and run by our teachers and teaching assistants.
  • Football Club
  • Table Tennis Tuesday
  • Touch Rugby
  • Bounce it Basketball
  • Beihai Club
  • German Club
  • History Club
  • Fun with Phonics
  • Sew Much Fun!
  • Masterchef Cooking Club
  • Creative Ceramics Club
  • Up-Cycled Art
  • BSB Orchestra
  • BSB Performance Choir
  • Glee Club
  • Dance Around the World


At BSB Sanlitun, we strive to ensure students have everything they need to thrive from day one.
School Uniforms
Our school uniform forms an integral part of our students’ sense of identity and belonging. We offer a range of uniforms for summer, winter, sport and swimming. Our youngest students’ uniform is designed just for them, with ease and comfort in mind.

We expect students to wear their uniform for all school activities, including those off campus.
School Day
The school day is structured to encourage routine and familiarity, whilst having a breadth of experiences within it to develop the ‘whole’ child in all areas of life. Depending on your child’s age the structure of the day will be tailored to meet their needs more readily.
School Transport
It's not always easy for parents to drop their children off and pick them up – but our morning and afternoon bus services make your life that bit easier.

A third of our families live in Sanlitun and Dongzhimen, most within walking distance of our school, although buses are available for these areas. We also have over 25 buses serving downtown Beijing.
Kindness Champions
Our Kindness Champion Award is given to students who exhibit exceptional generosity, either at school or in their community. Warmth and respect are at the heart of everything we do at BSB Sanlitun and we motivate our students to become aware of local and global issues by working alongside our community partners.
School Information Handbook
School Information Handbook
Our School Information handbook comprises useful information about the school year. Click here to download the digital version for 2023-24 school year.
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School Newsletter
Our school's weekly newsletter features information on the week's learning, student achievement and special events in our school.
School Videos

We strive to make our school the perfect place to inspire children, develop their essential life skills and give them the space they need to have fun with their friends!

Portal and Apps
BSB Sanlitun uses several market-leading education apps to connect students, teachers and parents. Through Seesaw, students can show their learning, teachers can gain insights to further personalise their education and parents get a window into the classroom, building a bridge between home and school.


Here at BSB Sanlitun we welcome and value parental involvement. 

The Parents' Association (PA) has run several great events over the last few years, enabling a huge number of parents to get involved with the BSB community. We would love to be able to continue to run these successful events in the future and we really need your support.

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Our experienced national and international teaching team have a wealth of experience, both in the UK and overseas. All hold UK Qualified Teacher status or an equivalent, and many hold Master’s degrees. They’re skilled at delivering high-quality and personalised lessons which help students achieve academic success.

Teaching colleagues and the Senior Leadership Team work side by side to ensure the curriculum is delivered to the highest possible standards.

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Lunchtime is an important part of the school day: students spend quality time with their peers and our youngest students also learn their table manners.

Our food is freshly prepared onsite by our catering team Chartwells, who consult our school community to ensure a healthy and balanced menu, regularly refreshed to introduce students to a variety of nutritious meals.

We aim to cater to all dietary needs and our kitchen staff are fully aware of students’ specific dietary requirements.
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  • How do you protect students against pollution?

    There are times of the year when we experience poor air quality in Beijing. At BSB Sanlitun we endeavour to provide a safe environment for children by following these guidelines:

    • Students stay indoors if the Air Quality Index (AQI) rises above 200 (PM2.5).
    • PE lessons are taught indoors if the AQI rises above 200 (PM2.5).
    • Indoor PE lessons are restricted to low-level exercise if the AQI rises above 300 (PM2.5).
    • Students with respiratory problems or health issues affected by poor air quality may stay indoors if the AQI rises above 150.
    • External doors and windows are closed if the AQI rises above 100.
    • All areas of the school have air purifiers. These are kept on and at the highest setting if the AQI rises above 100.
    • Notices at the main entrance to each campus inform everyone of the present AQI level. 
  • Is school lunch provided and where is the food sourced and prepared?
    BSB Sanlitun provides tasty and nutritious lunches, freshly prepared onsite by our catering team Chartwells. These are included in tuition fees. Children must bring a water bottle to school, and primary students must bring a healthy snack to eat mid-morning. Snacks are provided for Early Years students.
  • Where do your families live and do you provide school buses?
    One third of our families live in Sanlitun and Dongzhimen, most within walking distance of our school, although buses are available for these areas. We also have over 25 buses serving downtown Beijing.
  • How can I get involved as a parent?
    Our international parent community comprises 60 nationalities and we arrange many social and educational activities to bring our families together to make friends, build connections and strengthen the home-school partnership.


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Depending on available spaces, your child can join BSB Sanlitun anytime in the academic year. We look forward to welcoming you.

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