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  • Do you provide guidance for students?
    We believe that teaching children the life skills they need to be safe and happy is essential to their wellbeing. For that reason, we introduce Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Education (PSHE) from the very start. In Early Years it begins with Circle Time. In Primary, PSHE is taught as its own subject, and is the theme of many assemblies. PSHE covers a diverse array of topics, including social and emotional wellbeing, honing one’s study skills, and how to develop a positive learning mindset.
  • How does the school communicate with parents?

    BSB Sanlitun maintains excellent communication with parents. Our teachers send a daily email to mums and dads, and Friday’s email looks ahead to next week’s learning. We use Seesaw to send messages to parents, and teachers post pictures showing Mum and Dad what’s been happening this week in class!

    Parents receive a weekly email called Notes from the Principal’s Study, with school news, updates and events. We also have a weekly school newsletter. We provide termly reports, hold parent meetings throughout the year, and have a Parent Consultation Day in the Spring Term. In addition, our teachers are always just an email or phone call away.

    When it comes to social media, you can follow BSB Sanlitun on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WeChat!

  • What qualifications do your teachers have?
    We hire only those teachers who are highly qualified and have several years’ experience. Most of our teachers are British. We also have many marvellous teaching assistants (TAs), all of whom have degrees.
  • English is not our family’s first language. How will BSB Sanlitun support my child?
    We have an excellent English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme, which caters for children who arrive at our school with little or no English. Through our programme’s effectiveness and in our English-speaking environment, children pick the language up incredibly quickly!
  • How will BSB Sanlitun support my child when they join the school? 
    Our school is renowned for its warm and welcoming attitude to new families. In fact, 98% of our families say their first contact with our school was helpful and positive! We provide you with lots of information about your child’s class and the school prior to your arrival. We can also put you in touch with a family before your child’s first day and arrange for them to have a ‘buddy’ to ensure they settle in and have everything they need.
  • Do you provide after-school activities?
    All Primary students attend After-School Activities (ASAs) for an hour after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Our ASAs change termly, and include a wide variety of music, sports and creative activities. There is no extra charge for these.
  • Does my child need a laptop?
    No—we have a school iPad programme for students in Years 5 and 6.
  • Do you have a nut or allergy policy?
    We are a nut-free school. We also ask parents to let us know if their child has any form of allergy.
  • How do you protect students against pollution?

    There are times of the year when we experience poor air quality in Beijing. At BSB Sanlitun we endeavour to provide a safe environment for children by following these guidelines:

    • Students stay indoors if the Air Quality Index (AQI) rises above 200 (PM2.5).
    • PE lessons are taught indoors if the AQI rises above 200 (PM2.5).
    • Indoor PE lessons are restricted to low-level exercise if the AQI rises above 300 (PM2.5).
    • Students with respiratory problems or health issues affected by poor air quality may stay indoors if the AQI rises above 150.
    • External doors and windows are closed if the AQI rises above 100.
    • All areas of the school have air purifiers. These are kept on and at the highest setting if the AQI rises above 100.
    • Notices at the main entrance to each campus inform everyone of the present AQI level. 
  • Is school lunch provided and where is the food sourced and prepared?
    BSB Sanlitun provides tasty and nutritious lunches, freshly prepared onsite by our catering team Chartwells. These are included in tuition fees. Children must bring a water bottle to school, and primary students must bring a healthy snack to eat mid-morning. Snacks are provided for Early Years students.
  • Where do your families live and do you provide school buses?
    One third of our families live in Sanlitun and Dongzhimen, most within walking distance of our school, although buses are available for these areas. We also have over 25 buses serving downtown Beijing.
  • How can I get involved as a parent?
    Our international parent community comprises 60 nationalities and we arrange many social and educational activities to bring our families together to make friends, build connections and strengthen the home-school partnership.