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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old is the school?
    The British College of Brazil (BCB) first opened in 2011 under The British Schools Foundation, before joining the Nord Anglia Education family in December 2017.
  • What qualifications do your teachers have?
    We only hire highly qualified teachers with several years’ experience. All teachers have Qualified Teacher Status, such as a degree in teaching or a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the UK or an equivalent qualification from their country of origin. Most of our teachers are native English speakers.
  • What curriculum do you teach?
    We teach the English National Curriculum (the British curriculum) with an international focus. Secondary examinations are the IGCSE and the IB Diploma Programme in Years 12 and 13.

    Along with the English National Curriculum, our students learn Portuguese and Brazilian history, culture, and geography.

    The British College of Brazil offers double certification. By obtaining the Brazilian diploma, students are allowed to continue their studies in Brazil, as the school is fully certified by the Ministry of Education.
  • Do you have teaching assistants?
    Yes, we have highly qualified Teacher Assistants (TAs) within all of our primary classes.
  • How do you deal with children with limited English?
    We have an excellent EAL (English as an Additional Language) programme to cater to children arriving to our school with low levels of English. 

    At BCB, in our English-speaking environment, children learn English incredibly quickly.
  • Do you have provisions for children with Special Education Needs?
    As an inclusive school, we understand that not all children find it easy to learn. Our Learning Support department provides targeted assistance for children that need additional help. The teaching team is made up of specialist teachers with experience in this area. If you believe that your child needs this type of support, please contact us with your child's requirements, so we can assess if we can help.
  • Do you have after-school activities?
    We view after-school activities as an integral part of the education of our pupils, and to that end, we offer a wide range of clubs that aim to introduce the pupil to potential hobbies, develop their abilities in particular sports, provide English learning support, or give them IT support.

    We aim to inspire an interest in areas that perhaps they wouldn’t be exposed to through the normal curriculum. After-school activities are not compulsory but highly recommended.
  • What sorts of excursions and trips do you offer your students?
    One of the key things that being part of the Nord Anglia family brings is opportunities for inter-school events and curriculum collaborations within the Americas region. For example, The Global Games, which is a fun sporting event for students across the Americas to come together to compete.

    We also provide local excursions and trips, giving pupils opportunities to learn more about the natural resources, history, and the culture of Brazil.
  • What’s your sport programme like?
    We compete locally against other local and international schools regularly. We have a unique sailing programme in Secondary school and both girls’ and boys’ teams for basketball and football.

    We work in partnership with some clubs and gyms that are conveniently located five to ten minutes away from the school, where many of these activities take place.
  • What’s your music programme like?
    Our music programme is excellent. Music is a fundamental element of our curriculum. We provide instrumental programmes for Primary and Secondary students, allowing pupils to develop their skills in core instruments such as guitar, keyboard, and drums. We also have an excellent Choir, School Concert Band, and Rock Band.

    We also offer one-to-one private instrumental lessons for students wishing to perfect their abilities.