Within our diverse, supportive community, your child can achieve more than they ever thought possible. Our teachers will tailor their learning journey and help them embrace one-of-a-kind experiences so they can be ready for success, no matter what the future brings.
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Nick West, Principal of The British College of Brazil, Sao Paulo
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Our amazing, caring, and inclusive international community work respectfully together to personalise learning opportunities for all our students, enabling them to thrive and succeed.
Nick West
Principal, The British College of Brazil, Sao Paulo
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The British College of Brazil is recognized as one of the best British Schools in São Paulo. From the start of our Early Years programme, we build your child's growth mindset so they can approach every day with the confidence and resilience they need to achieve their greatest potential. 

Our talented teachers work closely with each child within our small classes, tending to their interests and needs with great care and attention. This tailored approach allows every student to have the right support for their academic abilities, alongside personalised guidance that helps them thrive socially and emotionally too.

Because we teach from world-renowned British and international curricula at BCB, there are many possibilities for your child’s unique journey and future. We weave important skills – like curiosity, experimentation, research, creativity, and collaboration – into every experience, so they’ll always connect their lessons to real life.

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At The British College of Brazil, we treat every day as an opportunity for growth. Within our supportive and diverse community, each child can create their own pathway to success and embrace one-of-a-kind experiences.
Academic excellence
Academic subjects at The British College of Brazil are internationally benchmarked, relevant to the world, and personalised to each child’s place of growth. We prepare our students to enter the best universities in the world and support them at every step.
Academic excellence
At The British College of Brazil, we take a different approach to academics than anywhere else in São Paulo. That’s because our teachers are outstanding at tailoring their instruction to your child’s unique learning journey, alongside our international curricula that bring their learning to life.

Our expert teachers are highly experienced in varying their instruction in the classroom to each child’s ability, so they can get the help they need for their interests, needs, and goals. On average, we have small classes of 22 students each with a teacher-student ratio of 1:10, which allows our teachers to build excellent relationships with their students. They get to know each student’s abilities and guide them in the most strategic way for their progress. Our teachers also initiate regular meetings and mentoring opportunities, helping each child to boost their confidence as well as other personal qualities – like resilience and creativity. 

Our students build growth mindsets. They get immersed in their learning and excited to draw connections to the world. 100% go on to pass the world-renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), with an average score of 33 points – higher than the global average of 31.98 points. With this, and  support from our University and Career Counselling program at BCB, they get ready to attend the best universities in the world.
The world's best teachers
Our highly qualified and experienced faculty – 75% of which are international and native English speakers – set a high bar for our students. They also play a key part in fostering our supportive community at BCB, grounded in cultural diversity and global citizenship.
The world's best teachers
Our BCB teachers are outstanding! Our local Brazilian teachers are fully qualified with excellent backgrounds, and 75% of our team is from other parts of the world. They bring native English and their vibrant, international teaching experience to encourage global mindsets, full immersion in English, and celebrations of what makes each of us different.

Our teachers hold qualifications from highly regarded institutions, mostly from the UK. They’re assets in bringing personalisation into our classrooms, varying their instruction to each student’s level, and supporting or challenging them to boost their growth. Our teachers know how to be attentive to unique abilities, responding to interests, needs, and goals. Their tailored approach not only helps students unlock greater academic success, but also build a love for learning – which 92% of our parents confirm, citing our teachers’ excellent quality.

To keep our team continually strong, we also invest in their success. Opportunities like Nord Anglia’s exclusive trainings with MIT and Juilliard, as well as the opportunity to earn an Executive Master's in International Education from King’s College London, keep them at the forefront of education. They also stay up to date with the best practices for personalised learning through Nord Anglia University (NAU), which 93% of BCB teachers take advantage of. Through NAU, they share tools and techniques with teaching colleagues among over 82 other premium international schools in the Nord Anglia global family.
Outstanding learning experiences
We create global opportunities unlike anyplace else in Brazil because we know that learning that's connected to the world stays with our students for life. Our students can join international expeditions, global challenges, lessons from world-leading organisations, and more. 
Outstanding learning experiences
What does it mean to have an outstanding experience at school? It’s a combination of a lot of big and little things that make all the difference for our students. At The British College of Brazil, we’re proud to offer opportunities like one-of-a-kind global experiences alongside many daily, personalised touches, led by our supportive, caring teachers who nourish students’ well-being and resilience throughout it all.

We begin by building your child’s global mindset from the moment they set foot on campus. With our international curricula and hands-on approach, we then make all activities relevant to our complex world and keenly felt by our students, so their experiences are memorable. Whether your child wants to build their passions with Juilliard, MIT, or UNICEF or go on eye-opening expeditions, their international experiences – among our diverse community – will open their eyes to different realities, perspectives, and possibilities. This increased awareness will shape them as a global citizen ready to succeed anywhere.

We also always cater to your child's well-being alongside their academics. Pastoral care is at the core of our students’ success. Personal, social, and emotional learning happens everywhere in our curricula and during activities beyond the classroom, too. It includes everything from feeling comfortable trying something new to using techniques to think outside the box.
The Nord Anglia Education family
The vibrant relationships between our students, parents, teachers, and staff make BCB a thriving international school community in Sao Paulo – enriching us with their outstanding participation and engagement. Through our global Nord Anglia family as well, we also embrace different ways to expand our horizons and build cross-cultural friendships.
The Nord Anglia Education family
Connected parents and students are at the heart of our family at The British College of Brazil. Our school thrives on their engagement and feedback as equal partners in the community. That’s because their active involvement makes our school a better place to learn.

Through our House system, students also strengthen their relationships with peers across all year groups and connect with teachers and staff. Houses give everyone a common identity, cause, or activity, strengthening community bonds. All students and staff belong to one of four Houses (Jaguar, Lions, Panthers, and Tigers), and they work with their House as a team for healthy competitions and exciting challenges.

Within our global Nord Anglia family, students also collaborate, compete against, and learn from their peers around the world. They participate in STEAM and arts challenges on Global Campus, Nord Anglia's virtual learning platform. They also participate in-person events, like the Juilliard Performing Arts Festival, Global Games, and STEAM Festival with MIT. These opportunities encourage our students to build incredible memories and cross-cultural friendships that last a lifetime.

Among our parents, our Class Representatives and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) strengthen relationships across our families and school. They share information, organise annual social activities, and support charity efforts by fundraising. The PTA also collaborates regularly to discuss current and future school matters, and they host Monthly Parent Coffee Mornings with our senior leadership. By keeping all communication open, our leadership and staff can incorporate the ideas and perspectives of our community into BCB’s action plans.
Our social purpose
At The British College of Brazil, we encourage our students to be leaders in their global citizenship. Whether they're speaking in debates for the Model United Nations or helping a charity, they can discover how to use their skills and talents to make our world a better place.
Our social purpose
Becoming a global citizen at The British College of Brazil means broadening our students’ horizons so they can connect with communities beyond school. Our students become aware of our impact on the planet and discover ways to make a difference using their skills and talents. 

Awareness begins even in its simplest terms among our youngest students. They learn about their environmental footprint and respond to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, for example, by creating simple initiatives – like stopping the use of plastic at BCB. By the time they reach the IB Diploma Programme, they participate in ‘CAS’ (Creativity, Activity, Service) projects that builds their social purpose locally and globally. We weave CAS throughout all trips and projects, so students can discover how to apply their skills and abilities in the world.

They also choose charity projects that benefit the needs of others. Working collaboratively with our Parent Teacher Association, for example, our students enjoy fundraising at many school events. In the past, they’ve made food baskets for children in need and helped families severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Such activities have shown our students ways to make a positive impact in others' lives.
An advanced learning environment
Our diverse, multicultural student body and faculty form a close-knit community at The British College of Brazil. Our two campuses, state-of-the-art facilities, and technology also work together to support us in creating an outstanding environment for your child to achieve their greatest potential.
An advanced learning environment
Located in the midst of leafy, green areas in São Paulo, The British College of Brazil fosters a warm, collaborative, and family friendly environment. Our specialist arts and STEAM spaces, well-stocked library and study spaces, smart indoor classrooms, and outdoor areas in both Chácara Flora and Cidade Jardim have all been age-appropriately designed. In our environment, we make learning safe, inspiring, and fun.

All our spaces have been designed to nurture problem solvers, critical thinkers, and creative makers. Within our outstanding arts spaces, for example – inspired by our world-class collaboration with The Juilliard School – every child gets to build their creativity and expression. We have expansive visual art studios and music rooms, plus a dance studio, black box theatre, and auditorium. Meanwhile, students can build their problem-solving across the STEAM subjects in our incredible, high-tech Maker Lab, modelled after MIT. Here, they can take a hands-on approach to creating solutions or building their own models. 

Our sports facilities, playgrounds, and outdoor areas for the Early Years also play an important role in keeping our students active. Whether they're scoring a goal on the pitch or simply having fun, these facilities support well-being. We have a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces, and we work in partnership with the São Paulo Athletic Club, so students can participate in a healthy range of teams and athletics all year round.


Your child will embrace outstanding international experiences and a diverse community at our British international school in São Paulo.
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At The British College of Brazil, we’re proud to put our students' best interests at the heart of everything we do. Our students receive everything they need for success – whatever they choose to be or do in life – and go on to the world’s top universities.

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BCB is a certified IB school and accredited by the University of Cambridge (IGCSE).