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By working together as a community of students, parents, teachers, and educational leaders, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to know at The British College of Brazil.
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These are the most important dates for your family calendar in the upcoming school year.


Stay on top of your child’s school day, lunchtime meal, daily dressing in uniform, and transport to and from school.
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Every day offers stimulating lessons and experiences in and out of the classroom, assemblies and tutor time, lunch and recreation, and extracurricular activities after school. Check our daily schedule for Early Years, Primary School, and Secondary School.
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Our catering service prepares hot, nutritious lunches on site daily. We also provide alternatives for children with allergies or specific dietary needs and have a nutritionist to support students in following healthy eating habits.
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Students from Early Years through Year 11 wear uniforms that showcase their pride, neat appearance, and school community. Students in Years 12 and 13 wear business dress. To help your child arrive at school prepared, please consult our uniform and dress code guidelines.
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We provide efficient bus services to help students and parents get to and from BCB safely and conveniently. All our buses are modern and clean, and they’re professionally equipped with seatbelts and medical kits, following our bus policy.
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Everything you need to download and reference about BCB – in one place.
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Here, we’ve included important school forms and documents for your child and family’s success at BCB, including our Handbook, Health and Safety Procedures, and Personal Information Policy.
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This includes our school declaration, transfer statement, documents for your child's academic history and enrolment, and other official records.
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Our extracurricular activities take learning outside the classroom. They give numerous ways for our students to open their minds, try something new, or sharpen a skill set around their growing passion. 

Our activities change every term, allowing students to choose a new one from great variety in our programme.
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Across Primary and Secondary School, our students discover a variety of ways to unleash their creativity and express their ideas through the visual and performing arts. They can make something new or learn how to refine skills they’ve already been growing.
In Primary School, our students have a wide range of age-appropriate activities in the arts and other areas of creativity like making paper airplanes, designing mosaics, or creating original art with recycled materials. 

In the visual arts, our past activities have included ones focused on learning new skills or refining existing talents (such as drawing, colouring, and using paper and pencil). In addition to our general art club, we’ve had specific clubs around shape art, animals, or Brazilian Art, for example.

In the performing arts, our students enjoy dance and choreography, with some opportunities to participate in specific kinds of dance, like ballet or Egyptian dance. They also enjoy drama and theatre and putting on productions such as ‘The Lion King' with its choreography and choir. Meanwhile, our music activities have included playing in a rock band.

By Secondary School, our students dive deeper into their love for the arts and creative expression, with activities ranging from producing the BCB Gazette to participating in Film Club. They explore a huge variety of art, music, and drama. Within music, they’ve focused on classical guitar, rock bass, and electric guitar.
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We have a huge world of science at The British College of Brazil! Through a full array of STEAM activities, our students advance their analytical and problem-solving skills while expanding their understanding of the fascinating world around us.
In Primary School, our students can become young scientists who ignite exciting ways of thinking through hands-on experiments. We also have an environmental club that explores ways to support and improve our environment. 

By Secondary School, our students have a rich variety of STEAM clubs and activities to choose from. Past activities have included our STEAM Projects Competition, chemistry, maths, science, IBDP physics, IBDP biology, science vlogs, and geography support.
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Learning doesn’t end with class time. Our students love to explore their academic interests beyond the classroom, too, so they can really put their language skills into practice with peers – or enhance their reading and writing with Portuguese comics.
Our students practice their academic skills in fun ways beyond the classroom at The British College of Brazil. They can enrich their talents and discover abilities they might not know they have. 

In Primary School, some of our past academic boosters have included book club, math, Portuguese comics, Portuguese grammar, and handwriting.

By Secondary School, our students become even more advanced and may explore new areas, too. Past activities have included Portuguese writing, creative reading, ICT Practical, Japanese for beginners, Spanish reading, map drawing, and French.
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Sports and athletics keep our students healthy and active. They may build or strengthen their physical fitness while also nurturing their well-being. They can especially build invaluable skills in leadership and teamwork and boost their confidence.
Through the São Paulo Athletic Club, our students can participate in a great range of sports and athletics.

In Primary School, students can explore and choose from different ball games like football, basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, handball, or rugby, to name a few. They can also learn racquet sports, get active with Zumba, or further their stretching and mindfulness with yoga. 

By Secondary School, our students can participate on a variety of organised sport teams. Past ones have included boys’ football, table tennis, volleyball, girls’ basketball, girls’ football, rugby, and running club.
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Whether your child is discovering how to collaborate with their team through our House System or is taking the lead in Model United Nations, they can learn how to solve problems and thrive through challenges that prepare them for the real world.
Our House System
Our House System is a traditional part of British schooling that encourages our students to work together in a team across year groups, while having fun through competitions. They can also earn points through their individual progress in all aspects of school life. Students belong to one of our four Houses – Tigers, Panthers, Lions, or Jaguars – and strive for their best among their House, especially on sports days, through swimming galas, and in poetry and music competitions.

Student Council
Our Student Council builds their leadership skills by representing the voices of their peers. They advocate for student views and interests, enhancing communication and strengthening relationships between students, teachers, school leadership, and parents. Our council shapes our positive culture of mutual respect.

The Student Council also builds relationships with our local communities through fundraising projects. They build their time- and project-management skills through these projects.

Model United Nations
Our Secondary students can participate in Model United Nations (MUN), stepping up into diplomatic leadership roles that empower them to be world-changers. They can share their thoughts and ideas on pressing global issues and become ambitious in how they can make a positive impact in the world.

Through MUN, our students build their understanding of global affairs through a variety of skills – practicing research, public speaking, teamwork, negotiation, and effective writing.
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We encourage students to explore every interest that fascinates them or hobby that excites them. They can work together with peers who share the same interests, so they’ll also exchange and learn from each other.
In Primary School, some of our past clubs and activities around hobbies and interests have around the library, outer space, Lego construction, bullet journaling, games, pen pals in English or Spanish, healthy food, emotions, sewing, puzzles, and cookery.

In Secondary School, our students have gotten involved in the Student Bulletin, Model United Nations, chess club, literary club, social impact, the environment, and business.
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Parents and students are at the heart of our family. We not only welcome but thrive on their engagement and feedback as important partners at The British College of Brazil.

Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) especially enhances the vibrant culture of our school, encouraging positive interactions between parents, staff, and students. Through different activities, parents strengthen partnerships, shape policies, and deliver feedback for our school's continual enhancement. 

They also organise whole-school events and initiate charity fundraisers to boost the social well-being and impact of our community. Parents can get involved in class activities, trips, and extracurricular clubs, where we encourage them to share their experiences and cultural insights.
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We put students' best interests at the heart of everything we do at The British College of Brazil. Our teachers will tailor your child’s journey, supporting and challenging them to become a problem solver and critical thinker – so they’ll be fit for success, no matter what the future brings.