At the The British College of Brazil, we understand that pastoral care is particularly important in an international school with students from all over the world with different cultures, traditions, and languages.
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Our Pastoral Care Department ensures all students are safe, happy, and learning in a positive environment. It centres around the idea of a continuous feedback loop, so that issues that arise in school and in the wider world inform the curricula and content our teachers instruct in PSHE, Form Time, specialist subjects, and the House system. 

A student, for example, might be experiencing challenges at home or school, finding work too challenging, or perhaps missing friends and family abroad. A teacher will identify this and record their concerns using a confidential and secure concerns log. Our log allows the Pastoral Care Leader to see the frequency of different issues, identify triggers and affected students, and track students who need assistance. 

This information informs restorative actions that help to minimise future issues. We find solutions to problems so everyone can learn and grow from the experience. We can create management plans for ongoing issues. The main aim of restorative action is to create a positive sense of wellbeing to those affected, while healing and building relationships in our school community.

The Student Council also plays an increasingly important role in ensuring that students' concerns, ideas, and issues are heard and resolved.
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We also ensure our student’s physical health is cared for. We have an excellent on-site catering company who provide daily nutritious and healthy lunches, and we even have our own school nutritionist who supports children with creating a healthy eating routine.

In addition to our PE lessons, we structure our school day so that students have enough free time to run around and play outside. We also encourage students to take part in one physical activity during their enrichment lessons, after-school clubs, or extracurricular activities. 
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We put students' best interests at the heart of everything we do at The British College of Brazil. Our teachers will tailor your child’s journey, supporting and challenging them to become a problem solver and critical thinker – so they’ll be fit for success, no matter what the future brings.

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