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News image Nigel Schofield Blog | globaleducation | Global Education
What if it doesn't work? What if it does?
When I was younger I was taught to be cautious, but I was also taught a zest for inquiry that developed a lifelong love of learning and the confidence to manage risk. Risk taking in education promotes innovation, it encourages students to develop a growth mindset, exploring the benefits of taking risks develops resilience, self confidence, and independence.
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News image Curiosity_LINK Blog | globaleducation | Global Education
Curious minds in high demand
Promoting curiosity and exploration is crucial to help achieve more effective problem solving. Schools can play a part in developing these qualities in young people through inquiry-based learning
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News image LM_LINK Blog | globaleducation | Global Education
Being in the discomfort zone
Challenging situations can provide an opportunity for us to change and grow, David Wall, head of Nord Anglia Education’s global expedition programme, says
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News image GC Page Link Blog | globaleducation | Global Education
Students learn better when they learn together
Teamwork and collaboration are key skills that students must develop to thrive in the future
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News image EDTECH_LINK Blog | globaleducation | Global Education
Moving into mobile learning
Education technology is bridging the gap between theory and practice by providing students more engaging, personalised learning experiences, teachers are finding. Increasing and integrating the use of mobile devices at schools can engage students at a deeper level with what they’re learning, San Roberto International School’s IT Director Arturo Dares says.
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News image VA_LINK Blog | globaleducation | Global Education
Leading by example
Alumni artists from The Juilliard School frequently visit our schools around the world, transforming the connection students have to the performing arts.
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News image STEAM_LINK 1 Blog | globaleducation | Global Education
What’s the problem?
Employers want schools to equip students with complex problem-solving and critical thinking skills from a young age to better prepare them for work in the future
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News image Page Link Blog | globaleducation | Global Education
Step up and take action! Inspiring students to move from awareness to action in their communities
Jefta Timmer was only 10 years old when she moved from her home in the Netherlands to India with her family. While she knew she would be leaving behind her old home, her childhood friends and her favourite foods, she had no idea that she would also be leaving behind her old perspective of the world forever
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News image LINK 2 Blog | globaleducation | Global Education
No holds barred
STEAM learning empowers students to become creative by exposing them to situations without parameters, challenging them to both identify problems and invent solutions.
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News image LINK 1 Global Blog | globaleducation | Global Education
The goal of playing the game
Playing competitive sports can teach students many positive social behaviours and life skills, but above all they realise that true competition is about working on themselves
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News image DigitalAge_LINK Blog | globaleducation | Global Education
In a digital age experiential learning is more important than ever, says head of expeditions
David Wall says the consumption of tailored information through mobile devices has created a widening gap between how our students learn about the world and how they actually experience it.
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News image Global Awareness LINK Blog | globaleducation | Global Education
Nurturing global awareness and an international mindset
Nord Anglia Education (NAE) schools inspire confident, creative global citizens who have a thirst for knowledge and a vision to change the world for the better. We also believe that students with a global worldview will have competitive advantages in our increasingly interconnected world. Our education offer provides unique learning opportunities to enable our students to become truly globally-minded and globally-active citizens.
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News image Nigel Schofield Blog | globaleducation | Global Education
Which Skills our students need to thrive in our ever changing world?
In modern society, as with any societal change in history, creativity and invention is ubiquitous. As a global society our students are not expected to work in passive, rote, unconnected environments. In the unknown dynamic, interconnected, creative world of tomorrow companies are often looking for creative skills, capacity, and personal agency within their employees.
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News image Partnership_LINK Blog | globaleducation | Global Education
How partnerships with world-leading organisations transform learning
Partnering with world-leading educators shows the importance of passion in work at its finest, says Ethan Hildreth, Superintendent of the Nord Anglia American International School Abu Dhabi adding that students who develop and pursue their passions easily achieve and succeed
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News image 00PD000001UWih0MADIMG_0116 Blog | globaleducation | Global Education
Success at the World Scholar's Cup
The British College of Brazil had a very successful weekend at the World Scholars’ Cup first round.
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News image 00PD000001UWih0MADIMG_0116 News | globaleducation | Global Education
Success at the World Scholar's Cup - 23rd October 2017
The British College of Brazil had a very successful weekend at the World Scholars Cup first round.
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News image 00PD000001LQGbKMAXBCB calligraphy Blog | globaleducation | Global Education
Japanese Writing Workshop
As part of International Week celebrations, Year 4P took part in a Japanese Writing Workshop.
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News image 00PD000001LPgmJMATCopy of DSC_0019 News | globaleducation | Global Education
Partnership with Academia Manoel dos Santos
Throughout the year, BCB Cidade Jardim partnered with Academia Manoel dos Santos to offer swimming lessons to all students.
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