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Primary Choir - We are Unstoppable!
To end this challenging academic year, Music Team has prepared with Primary Virtual Choir a song from the educational organisation "Sing Up", as part of the Sing Up Day 2021.
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Student Voice in Mathematics
As teachers, we try to know all of our students as well as possible: we try to understand how they work and feel and then we use this to help them achieve their very best.
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Exploring Emotions Through the Arts
At this difficult time for all of us the arts can be an excellent way for students to explore their emotions and feelings by expressing them in different artforms. At some point this term students will be exploring their emotions in their work through Music, Drama and Visual Arts.
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Virtual Learning Experience
Music is a universal language that can engage and inspire pupils. During Virtual school we have prepared some special classes to help and engage our students while teaching the topics from our curriculum.
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We Need The Magic
I have just spent a very enjoyable hour watching a film made by our wonderful music teacher, Ms Bechara, of the Key Stage 1 entrants in BCB’s Got Talent. This is always a highlight in school as we watch our students take the stage and show us something special, something different and often something magical. Obviously this year it has been somewhat different, using the magic of IT rather than the magic of the theatre to exhibit their talents, nonetheless, the effort and dedication can be clearly seen and the emotion I felt watching them was one of inspiration and joy.
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Head of Primary Blog - The Word Rich Get Richer, But The Word Poor Get Poorer
Last week I have been talking with our teachers about the power of vocabulary, about how we can help our students increase their vocabulary in order to be able to express themselves in the best way possible. As children grow and develop they also need to be able to describe every picture they see, to write about their lives, read about their lived reality and to speak into their lives their very hopes and dreams.
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Head of Secondary Blog - Secondary School Student Leadership Roars Ahead!
I wrote briefly in my blog on the 30th August about student leadership and it is safe to say that ́student leadership becomes the topic on everyone's lips here at BCB. The act of leadership is a personal journey that involves bringing ourselves to our leadership experiences, development and learning (Haber - Curran; Tillapaugh, 2017) . One example of student leadership at BCB is the ́new ́ house captains. This year we have four cats; lions, tigers, panthers and jaguars. Student involvement in this initiative will inevitably strengthen an already tangible connection between pupils and the school ́.
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Head of Primary Blog - Why I Teach in an International School
There are so very many reasons why I became a teacher, to contribute to society and community in a meaningful way, to change the life of a child, to open minds, to be a lifelong learner and many, many more but I do get asked why did I want to leave the UK and work internationally?
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Head of Secondary Blog - 6th October 2019
What an amazing Arts Week it has been with the department organizing an array of different activities ranging from Rock ´n Roll to Fashion, Hip Hop to the OPUS woodwind group. The week began with an introduction to the clarinet, oboe, bassoon and flute.....all sounding amazing but my favorite is the Bassoon, what a beautifully deep, rich sound!!! Highlighting just why the arts are important was the theme of the three days and ended with me sharing my perspective on the arts and my journey. Nord Anglia Education has an exclusive partnership with Juilliard which delights me because I am an avid admirer of the arts. People who know me are aware that I was a keen footballer and now a coach but did you know that I was a ballet dancer until my later teenage years. Whilst I was listening to Ms Baldwin speak about the importance of the arts and the journey they can take you on, a journey of personal exploration, I fondly recalled my days on the stage.
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Head of Secondary Blog - 29th September 2019
Here at The British College of Brazil (BCB) our first ever Year 12 cohort have started their IBDP journey and it is important that they both embrace the first year, have an open mind, take (healthy) risks and enjoy themselves!!!
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Head of Secondary Blog - 13th September 2019
The highlight of the week in Secondary School was undoubtedly the bake sale organised by Ms. Mendes and the Social Events Committee!
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Head of Primary Blog - The Importance of Music
Why Music education is so important? Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, and life to everything… Without music, life would be an error. (Plato)
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Secondary Blog
The week in Secondary started with a superhero pose by all our Secondary Students as Ms Albanese had us all stand in a superhero stance for 5 minutes in assembly, which according to research makes for a successful day! Ms Albanese then spoke with the students about having a growth mindset and shared a funny story about her journey to finally passing her driving test.
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Student ambassadors heading to New York for UNICEF Summit
Premium international schools group Nord Anglia Education offers a transformational education to students, which focuses not only on ensuring academic success but also on inspiring students to positively impact their individual communities and the world at large. As part of Nord Anglia Education’s collaboration with UNICEF, students across the globe have been raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through projects at their schools. The SDGs are a collection of 17 goals set by the United Nations regarding social and economic development issues. Each year, the capstone event with UNICEF is when students from Years 10-12 visit New York for the NAE-UNICEF Student Summit.
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The impact of a shared dream
A powerful online tool is spurring students into building more robust charity and social service programmes designed to create a greater, positive impact in their local communities.
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Can studying the performing arts create successful students?
If you want your child to excel academically, socially and personally, can studying the performing arts be a key to success? Laura Rea, Music Teacher and Southeast Asia Regional Lead for the Juilliard-Nord Anglia Performing Arts Programme at the British International School, Hanoi (BIS Hanoi) says studying the performing arts can help students gain key skills and qualities to prepare them for their future.
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