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News image 00PD000001Z9By0MAF00Science 2 News | artculture
COBIS Young Scientist Film Awards 2018
Our Year 5 pupils have displayed great enthusiasm and competence in filming Science videos for the COBIS Young Scientist Film Awards 2018.
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News image 00PD000001VbpGGMAZBook Week 8 News | artculture
Book Week
We had another fun and exciting Book Week at BCB this term.
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News image News Default Image News | artculture
International Academy of Cinema
The children in Year 4 have visited the International Academy of Cinema where they deepened their learning about how films are made.
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News image 00PD000001O4NovMAF20170504_105615 News | artculture
Reception in the "City of the Book"
On Thursday, May 4th, the Portuguese department organised a tour with the Reception classes of "City of the Book", a themed scenic space that seeks to encourage reading in a very entertaining and exciting way.
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News image 00PD000001FBI84MAHGustavo Knudsen 2 News | artculture
Secondary's Halloween Party
Last Tuesday 1st of November, Secondary students from Chacara Flora Campus had an excellent halloween party.
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News image 00PD0000017mK74MAEJungle Book Luisa Lozano Nombre del documento200416_19 News | artculture
Open Up The Jungle Book!
On the 20th of April, Key Stage 2 of Chacara Flora campus performed "The Jungle Book"
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News image 00PD0000017lNVOMA2IMG_3452 News | artculture
Getting Busy in the Kitchen!
Thank you to all of those who contributed to the charity bake sales on Friday 15th April by bringing in baked goodies or sending in some change for your children to spend.
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News image 00PD0000017m6oVMAQHogwarts News | artculture
BCB Book Day 2016
This year, the British College of Brazil was transformed into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for our annual Book Day.
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News image 00PD000000xwHULMA2IMG_0585 News | artculture
Fairy Tale Day
Year 2 got together at Chacara Flora campus to enjoy a 'Fairy Tale Day'
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