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20 June, 2018

Estante Mágica Project - 20th June 2018

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Estante Mágica Project Book Project.

Our Year 4 students have had an incredible experience this week: they were able to publish a real book in a successful partnership between The British College of Brazil and the publishing company "Estante Mgica".With the help of their teachers, 49 students needed to use their imagination to produce texts and illustrations to create books of Suspense. Combining technology and literature, our small participants produced their illustrations and texts, submitted them to a digital platform which later led to printing.This amazing interdisciplinary project happened this year, between the months of February and June. The students studied the structure of Suspense narrative, looking at ways of creating suspense, learned about paragraph structure, researched what genre means, chose the best vocabulary, translated terms and expressions, produced scripts, and many other things related to the subject.During this project, they were able to: Reflect on current technological innovations,Participate more in Portuguese language classes;Develop their reading and writing skills in Portuguese;Develop their self-esteem, necessary for overcoming any challenge in life. The success of this project was extremely beneficial to everyone involved. Teachers were able to motivate more students in the classroom, students became more involved with writing and reading, parents were thrilled and were proud of their childrens end result. Even those students who had difficulties in Portuguese language before felt more enthusiastic about writing and could improve their comprehension, expression, oral communication, writing, reading and interpretation skillsAccording to Jorge Ahumada, father of Ines who published "The Mysterious House": "It was a great experience. The method is well thought out and well developed. Children were happy to be published authors and I must mention that book quality is very good. Thanks for organizing".Cssa Lira Portugal, mother of Clara who published "Alma", commented: "We are very happy with our daughter's participation in the Estante Mgica project. Actions like these are important to show in practice the importance of writing and helping in the development of the child's self-confidence."The experience was also pretty much positive for the mother of Gustavo Barbosa, author of "The Call of the House": "I loved the project, mainly because it gave my son the privilege of creating and letting go of the imagination, which he loves to do," said Ana Paula Souza."Exciting the opportunity that the Magic shelf and the school provided for us family and our daughter, we loved it," said Hellen Costa, mother of Helena Costa author of "The Avenging Doll."And there are people already thinking about the upcoming books: "The joy of seeing Rafael already thinking about producing other works is proof of the importance of pedagogical projects such as Estante Mgica project. Thanks to BCB team, especially the Portuguese Department ," wrote Marcella and Sergio, parents of Rafael Brando.The end of the project was marked by an event in which the children signed their own work, called "Autograph Day". See below pics of this great moment!We appreciate the presence and support of all Year 4 parents for making this project a great reading and writing incentive for our children!