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15 July, 2019

Year 2 at the museum

Inventolandia 7
Year 2 at the museum On Tuesday 25th June, Year 2 went to Inventolandia, a museum full of inventions! Screen Shot 20190704 at 082240

On Tuesday 25th June, we went to Inventolandia, a museum full of inventions!

In our Creative learning we have been looking at Inventors and Inventions. We even made some super inventions of our own! We went to the museum to see some different inventions from the past and the present. We saw inventions made in Brazil and some that had been imported.

We played a rainbow, electronic piano and an electronic drum kit, lay down on a special Read Relax cushion, played some game prototypes, put on a photo-taking hat and some helmets and lay on a skate car. We all had great fun trying out many inventions and learned a lot from the special teachers who were there to work with us.

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