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02 March, 2021

BCB Student's are global winners in Global Campus Creative Writing Competition

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BCB Student's are global winners in Global Campus Creative Writing Competition Three of our secondary students won this year’s Global Campus Creative Writing Competition. This is an outstanding achievement as their writing was judged against possible entrants from 69 schools across 29 countries.

Year 8 students Maria, Victoria, and Catalina, won Global Campus Creative Writing Competition.  The competition that was open to all Nord Anglia Schools around the globe and BCB has global winners!

Their challenge was to develop a piece with both a written and visual element by their own original work, inspired by Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls and Sustainable Development Goal 13 - taking action to combat climate change.

Their written element should have been a children's biography about a real, local, national, or regional climate change "rebel".

You can read the amazing story that made the judges of the competition incredibly impressed, below:


Marina Silva is a Brazilian environmental deforestation activist. She was born on February 8, 1958 and raised in the Amazon Rainforest. Marina and her family worked as rubber tappers, extracting rubber from trees. She had no access to education, but her childhood in the Rainforest had a huge impact on her political ambition. At fifteen, she left the Amazon to live in the capital. Her goal was clear: she wanted to preserve the rainforest’s natural beauty..


Crushed after seeing the increase in deforestation in the Amazon, Silva decided to get involved in politics. After gaining popularity, Marina was elected as Senator and the Minister of the Environment. Dedicating herself to the environment she faced various obstacles through her political career, such as the lack of support and resources from her fellow politicians. Marina Silva’s political ideology, the Sustainability party, was often seen as a threat to some, even causing her to be blackmailed into stepping back. Fortunately, she was still able to decrease
deforestation by 57%, shut down 1500 illegal deforestation sites and section off 500,000 acres of the rainforest to preserve.


From her humble beginnings, she was able to rise to power and remain un-corrupt. Her impeccable morals led her to do the right thing and protect the environment at any cost. Her strong determination towards the conservation of the rainforest will never be forgotten and have earned her the title of a Climate Change Rebel. Your turn: will you become a Climate change rebel?

Congratulations on this amazing achievement, girls!