2022 Expressive Arts Week - 2nd edition - March 2022-2022-expressive-arts-week--2nd-edition-Nord Anglia Education
Nord Anglia
07 March, 2022

2022 Expressive Arts Week - 2nd edition - March 2022

2022 Expressive Arts Week - 2nd edition - March 2022-2022-expressive-arts-week--2nd-edition-BCB Expressive Arts Week
2022 Expressive Arts Week - 2nd edition BCB's Primary Music and Arts departments promoted the 2nd edition of BCB’s Expressive Arts Week from the 24th to the 28th of January. It was a week full of activities dedicated to the Arts! 

In this year’s edition, there were a range of activities and artistic interventions, some of them organised by the Music Department in partnership with our Juilliard specialists, and others involving local artists. We also had special lessons and pocket showcases, such as Dance performances organised by the PE Department, and a “Sarau” (Poetry Recital) prepared by the Portuguese Department. 


Our Visual Arts Team, working together with class teachers and teaching assistants, led a student’s art exhibition and also organised a visit by a graffiti artist, Harry Borges, who created beautiful artworks for both of our campuses. It was also an opportunity for pupils to ask him questions, and find out more of what being a street artist is like, which painting and drawing techniques he uses, and where he gets inspiration to create his work. It was a unique experience for our pupils! 


Everything was prepared in order to ignite children’s creativity, build connections with many ways of making art, and allow everyone’s self-expression.


You can check out the highlights of this event by watching the video below.