Samuel Spruce
Mr. Samuel Spruce
16 November, 2023

An Exciting New Era for BCB Sport

BCB Joins the ISL League!
We've got some fantastic news to share with you, and we couldn't be more excited about it. This year, our school, BCB, is taking a giant leap forward in our commitment to promoting physical literacy and competitive sports for our students. That's right, we're diving headfirst into the world of the Interscholastic League (ISL) for international schools in São Paulo!

What is the ISL League?
The ISL League is a prestigious platform for the international schools of São Paulo to compete in a variety of sports and showcase their talents. It's a chance for our students to represent BCB in a variety of sports on a weekly basis. Teams will compete for trophies and medals that will be awarded at the end of each season. 

The Games and Seasons
Our journey in the ISL League will be divided into two terms or seasons, each featuring different sports.

Here's the lineup:
Term 1: August - December.  Our teams will be taking the court and field to demonstrate their skills in basketball and football.
Term 2: January - June.  As we move into the second term, our athletes will shift their focus to volleyball and futsal.

Most of the games will be played on Wednesday and Thursday after school. However, we'll adjust the schedule if there's a long weekend or a holiday that coincides with these days.

Training and Facilities

The road to victory starts with rigorous training. Our athletes will hone their skills at Clube Indiano, our new sports facility. You can check out the facility here. Training sessions will be held during ECA (Extra-Curricular Activities) time, so our students can balance their academic and athletic commitments effectively.

Team Breakdown
Our teams and training sessions will be organized by age and gender, with the following categories:
Varsity: For students aged 15 and over.
Junior Varsity: For students aged 14 and under.

Your Support Matters
The success of our teams depends on the dedication and commitment of both students and parents. We kindly request your full support and encouragement to nurture your child's enthusiasm for these sports and ensure their active participation in training, fixtures, and events.

For Parents
To make life easier for our students and their families, the school will provide transportation to every fixture and a pre-match packed lunch. Since our BCB community is scattered across the city, we'll ask parents to collect students after each fixture. Additionally, we have set up a 'BCB Sport Parents' WhatsApp group run by parents to facilitate communication and explore carpooling options.

Stay Informed
To keep you informed and organized, we'll be sending out a monthly fixture calendar to parents. For more specific information about teams and players, a weekly email and WhatsApp message will be sent to the selected players and their parents, complete with an attached team sheet. This sheet will show which students have been selected to play in each specific team, along with dates, timings and locations. 
Dates, timings and facilities will always be subject to change as we manage busy school and facility schedules and unpredictable weather conditions.

Thank you for your continued support of BCB sport, we hope to see you cheering us on the court or pitch side soon!