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Amanda Scala in collaboration with Nick West
12 December, 2023

Embracing Lifelong Learning: a Journey of Determination and Triumph

Learn how BCB's Principal, Mr. Nick West became a drummer 

In the voyage through life, there's a pervasive notion that as time progresses, breaking away from our comfort zones to embark on new learning experiences becomes increasingly challenging. Whether it's a lack of motivation, courage, or societal pressures, the misconception that one is too old to explore fresh endeavors can often take root. However, it's crucial to challenge these assumptions, recognizing that continuous learning is the linchpin to personal growth and development.

Enter Mr. West, our esteemed Principal at BCB, exemplifying the spirit of defying stereotypes about learning in adulthood. In a role where administrative responsibilities might typically take center stage, Mr. West took a bold step into the world of music, revealing a passion that had patiently awaited its moment. The journey commenced with a simple remark from Mr. West to his wife, Sharon West, about the therapeutic release BCB students obtained from playing the drums. Recognizing his unspoken aspirations, she gifted him a drum kit for his 50th anniversary. With the instrument in hand, the next logical step was acquiring the skills to make the most of it.

Mr. West sought the guidance of a skilled drum tutor, showcasing that age is no obstacle when driven by a genuine desire to learn. With commendable dedication, he attended over 30 lessons, revealing a level of discipline that serves as an inspiration. The culmination of his efforts resulted in a memorable onstage performance—a remarkable achievement at a stage in life when many might consider such pursuits unattainable.

This narrative holds profound lessons that resonate with both Nord Anglia's and BCB's commitment to fostering a global mindset and a resilient character in our students. It dispels the misconception that age limits our ability to pursue dreams and challenges the notion that certain aspirations are exclusive to the young.

Mr. West's journey is a testament to the values we hold dear at BCB—encouraging our community to let go of self-doubt and embrace the idea that learning is a lifelong adventure. Beyond this personal story, a sobering reality persists where individuals, influenced by the misconception of age as a barrier, may abandon their dreams.

Mr. West's journey stands as a beacon, emphasizing that we don't have to outgrow our potential or passion. This mindset aligns seamlessly with our mission of developing global citizens—individuals who embrace challenges, seek diverse perspectives, and never lose their thirst for knowledge. Mr. West's pursuit of a new musical skill becomes a metaphor for the collective journey of our school community. By staying curious, resilient, and committed to personal growth, we collectively break free from, not only age, but any-related limitations and embrace the joy of learning. As we celebrate Mr. West's success, let us all be inspired to weave our own stories of growth and learning, creating a harmonious melody that echoes through the corridors of BCB and beyond.