Comic Con Chronicles-Comic Con Chronicles-Ian Gary Pixsley
Mr. Ian Gary Pixsley
03 January, 2024

Comic Con Chronicles

Comic Con Chronicles-Comic Con Chronicles-CCXP6
A Journey of Language, Arts, and Identity
Recently some of our IB students had the opportunity to visit the largest Comic Com outside of North America, CCXP 2023.  CCXP (Sao Paulo Comic Com) was an opportunity for students to experience language and the arts in a unique environment. 

The trip tied into the concepts of Identity, Social Organisation and Human Ingenuity which are explored in IBDP Language A & B. It was an opportunity for students to develop an understanding of relationships between texts and a variety of perspectives, cultural contexts, and local and global issues, and an appreciation of how they contribute to diverse responses and open up multiple meanings. 

Students were able to develop an understanding of the relationships between studies in language and literature and other disciplines in a new context and were offered chances to communicate and collaborate in a confident and creative way.  I think the trip will help to foster a lifelong interest in and enjoyment of language, arts and literature. Plus, ultimately it was a lot of fun!

Here are some comments from the students themselves:

"The thing I liked the most about the event was the abundance of people dressed in costume; I saw a lot of Jokers and Batman (Batmen?), and they were all amazing! I also went dressed as a character from the video game Overwatch 2. It was great when people recognized me and wanted to take pictures with me; I even received a high-quality portrait from a photographer! For me, dressing up was the most enjoyable thing to do.  Overall, the comic con was an absolute dream come true for any geek and I'm so happy we went."

"Well, my first time at the Comic Con was amazing, I made new friends, had many pictures with a lot of different characters but I think that I was expecting a little bit too much, but that is fine, I loved it the same way! This is how my first experience at the comic con was."

"The chance to meet an artist that I have studied and to talk to them was fantastic. The event was so colourful and being in a place with so many like-minded people was one I won't forget"

“My first Comic Con experience in 2023 was an incredible adventure that exceeded all of my expectations. The vibrant atmosphere, amazing cosplay, and fascinating conversations created a wonderful experience. Every minute of the event, from navigating the busy exhibition hall to interacting with other fans, was a celebration of my favourite pop culture.”

"Our experience at CCXP was very fun and exciting, we got to see many different people with amazing cosplays and very passionate people. We did have to walk a lot and our feet really hurt at the end of the event but it was totally worth it. We had so much fun and our favourite thing was taking pictures with other people and interacting with them. We were exhausted afterwards but really enjoyed the whole experience."