Mr. Sam Hardwicke
07 March, 2024

Celebrating Womens Impact

Reflections on International Women's Day

International Women’s Day provides a poignant opportunity for the BCB community to honour the invaluable contributions of women while contemplating the ongoing journey towards gender equality. Amidst an era of progress, our students are acutely aware of the historical struggles and contemporary strides in women's rights. Notably, the burgeoning success of women’s football serves as a testament to this global evolution, mirrored in the achievements of our own girls' football teams

International Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the women in our community and reflect on issues of gender equality. Our current generation of students know that women have not always been treated equally and have had to fight for many of the rights that they enjoy today. Thankfully, they are growing up in a time of increasing progress, with the gradual breaking down of stereotypes and a push for equality in many parts of the world. I can think of no better example of this than the rapidly increasing popularity and success of women’s football across the world. This success is reflected at BCB through our popular girls’ football teams.

Nevertheless, we recognise that there remains work to do: the global gender pay gap and dominance of male leaders across the world are two additional reasons why it is important that we celebrate International Women’s Day in 2024. Our internationally minded students are also aware that the rights that they enjoy, such as a good education, are not enjoyed equally by all girls across the world.

This week, our staff members have celebrated the women who have inspired them through daily posts on our Instagram account. Similarly, staff and students have contributed notes of thanks, recognition, and gratitude for our women members of staff on our gratitude walls. We have also been privileged to have the involvement of our parent community, a number of whom visited the school to share their stories of inspirational women with our students. Additionally, our amazing PTA put on a delicious breakfast for our women staff team. Meanwhile in classes, students have celebrated women who inspire them: mothers, sisters, grandmothers, friends, athletes, singers, scientists – the list goes on!

Reading the students’ reflections, the beautiful messages on our gratitude walls, the Instagram posts, and hearing our guest speakers, it is striking to see how much of an impact that women in our community and beyond have on each of us. Thank you to you all.