15 December, 2023

BIS Hanoi secures Gold Medal at the Hanoi Mathematics Olympiad

BIS Hanoi HAC Maths Olympiad
Saturday, December 9th marked a momentous achievement for BIS Hanoi as they successfully defended the gold medal at the annual Hanoi Mathematics Olympiad.

The Math Olympiad, organised annually, provides students with an opportunity to engage in practical applications and captivating challenges that enhance their mathematical skills, critical thinking abilities, teamwork, and communication. With the theme "The Terminator Reloaded," this year's competition witnessed the participation of nearly 200 contestants, representing 36 teams from 9 schools in the Hanoi Activities Conference (HAC). Students faced challenging tasks, pitting their abilities against "special enemies" in the form of AI robots.

BIS Hanoi HAC Maths Olympiad

Twenty students from BIS Hanoi, spanning Years 7 to 11, were chosen to represent the school in this prestigious competition. Competing against other international schools across the city, the students encountered three rounds of exhilarating math-based challenges. These challenges demanded a diverse range of skills, including code-breaking, construction, and even basketball. Throughout the morning, the selected students showcased exceptional problem-solving abilities, alongside high levels of motivation, positivity, and skill. 

A standout moment came during the codebreaking treasure hunt, where BIS Hanoi's two senior teams secured first and second-place finishes, surpassing all other participating teams. Additionally, one of the junior teams impressed the judges with their ingenious design in the construction challenge, although gravity ultimately foiled their pendulum concept. 

Following a lunch break, the eagerly anticipated results were announced, starting with the junior competition. One team, comprised of Anh Khoa, Taehoo, Minji, Claire, and Yeonjae, achieved a remarkable joint third-place finish. The second team, consisting of Olivia, Srinjoy, Kaden, Hayden, and Yuna, outperformed their peers, securing an outstanding second place. The senior competition also witnessed podium success, with Suyeon, Dahyun, Nahyeon, Sungwon, and Hyeonchan earning a well-deserved bronze medal. These achievements culminated in the overall standings for both the junior and senior competitions. In a tightly contested battle, BIS Hanoi emerged as the victors, securing the coveted gold medal for the second consecutive year, with just one point separating them from the runners-up. 

The collective effort and dedication of Gia Khanh, Ji Ho, Seojung, Taeyeon, and Yujin were instrumental in this hard-fought victory. We extend our gratitude to Olympia School for hosting a remarkable event and are immensely proud of our BIS Hanoi students who showcased their talents throughout the day. With hopes of a hat-trick victory, let us look forward to next year's competition! 

Cameron Street  

Maths Teacher