09 May, 2024

BIS Hanoi students lead the way in Global Campus competitions

BIS Hanoi students win Global Campus competitions
This year, Global Campus has been a hub of remarkable achievements and inspiring success stories for students worldwide.

The new format of Global Campus contests has created additional opportunities for recognising and celebrating student achievement. Each competition is now reviewed internally within schools before the finest entries are submitted to Global Campus for worldwide evaluation, giving students more opportunity than ever to demonstrate their abilities on a global scale. 

Our BIS Hanoi students triumphed in the Global Campus Virtual Young Musician of the Year competition, with three of their entries winning global awards out of 11 entries. Leeel, a Year 8 student, wins first place in Classical Bowstring (ages 11-14), while Yunseong, Jiyoon, and Leeel take second place in Classical Ensemble (ages 11-14). Furthermore, Rey, a Year 3 student, takes second place in Classical Piano (ages 7-11). Their outstanding accomplishments not only bring pride to the school but also reflect their dedication and excellence beyond it. 

"I firstly would like to thank Global Campus for choosing us as 2nd place in the global competition. This means a lot to me since it is a big prize. I also send thanks to Mr Scott, Ms Kirk and Ms Cooper for choosing our entry to submit to the competition. And also, to Leeel and Yunseong for participating with me. I think I wouldn't have won the prize without them. And a round of applause to Leeel for coming in 1st place in Classical String 11~14. Thank you once again for choosing us. I am very grateful and pleased about it." - Jiyoon, Year 8
"I think it was a great time practising with Leeel and Jiyoon because it was my first time playing the piano with different instruments, so it was a wonderful opportunity. I feel proud of the result of my hard work and I am also very happy because I learnt a new skill that I have never experienced. Although I’m not feeling sad for not getting 1st place, I will challenge myself to get the 1st next time. Thank you!" - Yunseong, Year 8
"Winning this prize feels like a recognition of all of my hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm for this. This achievement has been my goal for years. It motivates me to keep pushing limits, discovering new experiences, and having a positive effect encouraging me more. This was a global competition, and I am honored to come first as a representative of BIS Hanoi, which made me feel even more proud. Finally, I would like to thank the Global Campus and BIS Hanoi teachers, who helped me with building my joyful music journey and for their constant support." - Leeel, Year 8

Equally impressive are the achievements of Zhi Yan (Year 2), Roun (Year 3), and Thanh Luong (Year 8) in the Global Campus Art Competition 23-24. This year's theme, centred around crafting art from recycled materials, inspired our students to channel their creativity towards sustainability. From captivating sculptures crafted from recycled plastic bottles to mesmerizing underwater landscapes, their artworks beautifully captured the essence of water, aligning with the themes of World Oceans Day and Sustainable Development Goal 6

Global Campus, Nord Anglia's exclusive online learning platform, continues to serve as a catalyst for nurturing students' problem-solving and creative thinking skills across the globe. Through these competitions and activities, students not only showcase their talents but also foster a sense of global citizenship and collaboration, making meaningful contributions to important global conversations and initiatives.