MIT Hack the Tube Challenge | BIS HCMC | Nord Anglia - bis-learning-skills-challenge-can-you-crack-the-code
31 August, 2018

MIT Hack the Tube Challenge

MIT Hack the Tube Challenge | BIS HCMC | Nord Anglia - bis-learning-skills-challenge-can-you-crack-the-code
MIT Hack the Tube Challenge Welcome back to WEEK EIGHT of the BIS Learning Skills Challenge! STEAM FESTIVAL

Welcome back to WEEK EIGHT of the BIS Learning Skills Challenge! 

We hope that over the past seven weeks you have been enjoying the SAFE Challenges and that they have inspired you to look up similar challenges to apply your BIS Learning Skills.

With the above in mind this week's challenge is a little different, because we challenge you to take on the MIT “Hack the Tube” challenge.

Hacking is a long-standing tradition at MIT and an integral part of its culture. It can be defined as the implementation of harmless pranks, tricks, and creative inventions that demonstrate ingenuity and cleverness. Every year the MIT Admissions team provide successful undergraduate applicants with a tube to hack in some way. Now it is the turn of Nord Anglia students to Hack the Tube themselves!

The Task

Your task is to take a paper towel tube and re-imagine its use to be transformed into something different. We want to see funny, creative or artistic interpretations of what a simple tube can be turned into. 

Step 1: Brainstorm and sketch as many ideas as you can to reimagine what your tube can be turned into – there are no wrong ideas!

Step 2: Reflect upon your ideas and decide which is the best (remember to also check the resources available to you).

Step 3: Start hacking!

Step 4: Film a short video or take a picture of your hack.

Step 6: We ask that you share your hacks here on Global Campus Online before Friday 14th December

Step 7: Clean up and enjoy looking at everyone else’s hacks!


For more instructions and to find out the rules of the challenge head to Global Campus Online.

Need some inspiration?

Watch how an MIT student hacked her tube so that it could fly to the edge of space!

The best hacks will be showcased on the Global Campus after the challenge ends. This activity is open to students of all ages, so what are you waiting for? Let's get hacking!

Although this is a Nord Anglia challenge there will be separate prizes for students here at BIS. Therefore nearer the time there will be a place shared/available for you to submit your physical models for judging. Good Luck!