IPC Learning Across The Primary School | British International School HCMC - ipc-learning-across-the-primary-school
01 November, 2019

IPC learning across the primary school

IPC Learning Across The Primary School | British International School HCMC - ipc-learning-across-the-primary-school
IPC learning across the primary school Classes have been digging deep into the past, diving into the world of water and receiving mysterious letters from Magic Toymakers. Our IPC lessons have been packed with investigations, problem solving and creativity!

At the British International School Ho Chi Minh City we teach our history, geography, art and design technology (DT) through a topic/enquiry based approach using a programme called the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).  The IPC is based on the core skills, knowledge and understanding from the national curriculum for England and Wales, but with topics that would be accessible to international students.

Years 1 - 6 have got off to a flying start in their International Primary Curriculum topics this year, whether digging for dinosaur fossils, constructing toys or maybe even preparing for a new Mission to Mars. There have been some exciting entry point activities: experiencing weightlessness underwater in the pool while trying to complete everyday jobs to simulate space travel, deciphering codes and experiencing the devastation of a natural disaster hitting a town. 

Year 5a

Much of our IPC learning stems from children’s thoughts and questions on a topic. There have been some fantastic enquiry and research based projects happening across school: Year 3 have been using the fabulous Encyclopaedia Britannica resource to build dinosaur fact files. We’ve also used atlases and online resources to better understand the geography of our planet: Year 4 have looked for and explained patterns in the location of earthquakes and volcanoes through deepening their understanding of plate tectonics in their ‘Active Planet’ topic. In Year 6, children have been tracing the history of ancient civilisations and using a fabulous online timelining resource to document their findings. Children in Year 2 have created desert islands visited by Traction Man. They’ve experienced the effects of pollution on their paradise islands and also designed boats to help Traction Man make his escape!

Students have enjoyed incorporating art and DT into their learning. Year 5 have designed and created their own Mars rover cross-terrain moving vehicles, Year 1 have created portraits using watercolours and Year 4 used ‘disaster emergency packs’ to cook food. Our IPC topics have also extended to home learning; the dioramas created by Year 3s have wowed their teachers and classmates with the creative ideas and dedication to their topic learning.

To end last term’s learning, some classes concluded with an exit point. In Year 5, parents were invited in to our ‘Blast-off’ rocket launching event. Some amazed us shooting powerfully into the sky; others just covered the teachers and children in vinegar! 

What a busy start to this year’s learning at our primary school in Ho Chi Minh City. Keep an eye out for our new ‘Big Question’ coming soon!