BIS vs AIS Football Fixtures - 28th October 2020 - bis-vs-ais-football-fixtures--28th-october-2020
30 October, 2020

BIS vs AIS Football Fixtures - 28th October 2020

BIS vs AIS Football Fixtures - 28th October 2020 - bis-vs-ais-football-fixtures--28th-october-2020
BIS vs AIS Football Fixtures - 28th October 2020 It was a welcomed sight to see our BIS Junior football teams competing against AIS this week.

It was a welcomed sight to see our BIS Junior football teams competing against AIS this week. There were some thrilling matches, both at home and away, read below for details on each match up.

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U9 Football  BIS vs AIS.

Our courageous Under 9s Football teams competed in their first game of the football season on Wednesday this week, against the Australian International School.

Pulling on the BIS shirt for the first time, heads were held high, and the bus was buzzing with excitement as we headed to Thu Thiem.

Once there, our BIS Girls were matched against the AIS Thao Diem team, consisting of 9 boys and 1 girl! Undaunted, our girls got stuck right in, tackles were aplenty, and chances abound. Ms Kathryn was most animated from the side lines, and under her direction, the girls played with organisation and so much enthusiasm, battling to a well-earned 0-0 draw. “They were quite nervous when they started but they were definitely the better team and they played really well and were really optimistic and enthusiastic. I’m really proud of them all.” – Ms Kathryn

On the other pitch, our boys rolled up their sleeves and faced the threat of the AIS Thu Thiem team. During training, the BIS boys had solidified their positions and roles within the team, and with slick moving and passing using the wings well, they consistently sliced open the AIS defence. Long range power shots, and quick fire one-two passes created a plethora of chances for the boys, who eventually ran out 5-0 winners. The game was actually so one-sided that that adapted a 5-man midfield, with no defence! There will be stiffer opposition later on this term, but for now, the boys are feeling confident and ready for their next ‘big game’.

U11 Girls Football BIS vs AIS

The U11 Girls played AIS on Wednesday afterschool. They started the first half fantastically with an early goal from Ananya , passing the ball accurately and making use of the space. Another 2 goals from Ananya in first half, gave the girls a nice 3-0 lead going into the second half. They showed real maturity in the second half and kept their concentration. Phuong Anh managed to put two goals past the keeper and that gave us the final score of 5-0. It was a very positive start and it shows the strength we have for the season ahead. Well done girls!

U11 Boys Football (A Team) BIS vs AIS

The final score in the match was 2 – 1 to AIS A team. Even though they did play well and took their chances in-front of goal with precision, the score does not reflect the possession and shots on goal statistics from the match. BIS dominated the game in patches and created many goal scoring opportunities. Ethan looked very strong in midfield and took the ball past players linking up with the defence. Our wide players looked to take on the opposition and get forwards to create chances. A few changes at the back including moving Norbert there made it very difficult for AIS to construct any more opportunities. However, the damage was already done with two fast goals coming in the first half. Ba Khang equalised near the end of the game but unfortunately it was not enough. We look forward to our next game away at ISHCMC in two weeks’ time. I was impressed with the attitude of resilience shown in the second half to try to win the game and the team will only improve the more they play together.

Coach: Mr Mark

U11 Boys Football (B Team) BIS vs AIS

“ After nine months since the lockdown was implemented in Ho Chi Minh, the long-awaited friendly matches among SISAC schools had finally commenced last Wednesday. The boys B team played against Australian International School (AIS), scored two goals (2-0) and won their first friendlies. With lots of enthusiasm in them, each of our kids played very well and unleashed their football prowess that had been pent-up for a long time. They play fair and worked well as a team. We are looking forward now for our next matches in the coming weeks.”

Lamech Sancho
Coach- Boys B Team

U11 Boys Football (C Team) BIS vs AIS

There was one Boy Football Friendly for Team C against AIS (Thu Thiem) last Wednesday.

Although we didn’t have a lot of times to do training because of Covids 19 but Boys team C tried to do their best and played one game very beautiful, fair play.

Team C won 2 – 0. Sometimes our players missed lots of good chances to get more score.

But that is also a win game to help our players get more motivation for next matches.

Coach Dinh