Sports Update - End of Season 2 Invitational Tournaments-Sports Update - End of Season 2 Invitational Tournaments-Crest BIS
BIS HCMC Teachers
10 February, 2023

Sports Update - End of Season 2 Invitational Tournaments

Sports Update - End of Season 2 Invitational Tournaments-Sports Update - End of Season 2 Invitational Tournaments-U13 Girls football

U13 Boys Football 

Sports Update - End of Season 2 Invitational Tournaments-Sports Update - End of Season 2 Invitational Tournaments

End of Season Football Tournament, Hosted by AAVN @ Tri Hai Football Field


An exciting football match took place on Saturday, the fourth of February, at the Tri Hai football field, in total five different teams participated in this tournament. The British International School Of Ho Chi Minh City, The International School of Ho Chi Minh City, The Australian International School, Saigon South International School, The Canadian International School and last but not least AAVN.
The match engaged the audience with utmost excitement and curiosity. BIS won the first match against AAVN 8-0, both teams were equally strong and showed excellent skill and performance. 
Next up we were against SSIS, the spectators from all sides of the field cheered the players. At the very beginning, the match was almost lifeless. But within a few seconds, excitement spread out among the spectators. There were attacks and counter attacks every moment. Both teams made several movements and scoring chances. The match astonished the whole crowd with its beautiful moments throughout the game. At the end of full-time, BIS was declared the winner by scoring five goals against SSIS which scored two goals. 
Next, we faced ISHCMC in the most gruelling and tense game yet, since this was by far the most difficult opponent yet. The game started swiftly, with BIS scoring two goals in the first half, but ISHCMC also scored two to tie the game. The second half began, we were fatigued but determined to win the game, and the whistle blew. It began. Although both sides had several chances to score, BIS persevered and scored one more goal. Everyone believed the game was finished, but ISHCMC scored another goal to equalise the game.
We were all exhausted by this time, so we took a thirty-minute break to rest and avoid the sun. Everyone made an effort to remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water. We were all eager and ready to face our upcoming school.
For our next encounter, we faced CIS. BIS scored two huge goals in the first half, but CIS counter-attacked and scored a goal, and they were catching up and becoming more enthusiastic. Despite CIS catching up, we scored another goal in the second half, and our defence was excellent, resulting in no further goals.
Our last game was against AIS, and we knew it would determine who would be champion. The game began, and both sides came out shooting. After around 5 minutes, possession of the ball appeared to favour BIS. The scoring began about the 15-minute mark, when a bobbling ball in the penalty area, BIS carefully put away. AIS 0, BIS 1. The opening to the second half was much the same as the first, in that the intensity, and incredibly excellent defending by AIS until at the 10th-minute mark, a well-executed kick managed to sneak by the goalie, the score now hanging at 2-0. When the final whistle blew, we were all ecstatic and overjoyed, believing that we had won the competition. We scored twenty-one goals and allowed seven.
After tallying the points, it was discovered that BIS and ISHCMC had tied. To determine the champion, we had a penalty shoot-out. The audience was on the tip of their seats, gnawing their nails and watching the shots go in. When it came time for BIS to shoot, everyone fell silent and held their breath. We shot. We were concentrating on the ball, but it struck the crossbar. ISHCMC began to shout and leap for delight. It was heartbreaking news. 
On the pitch, the participants demonstrated their abilities, hard work, practice, and devotion. This tournament certainly brought out the best in everyone, both participants and spectators. At 11:33 a.m., the event concluded with prize distribution. Team ISHCMC received the first-place trophy. Jisung was named man of the match, according to coach Mr O'Brien. 
Overall, this event was a huge success because of the incredible exhibition of skill, collaboration, and sportsmanship. This day will live on in everyone's memories, and everyone went home with something to remember and something to treasure.
Matt O’Brien

U13 Girls Football

End of Season Football Tournament  Hosted by SSIS @ SSIS

After a long break with Xmas and TET the girls were excited to play Football. The team consisted of 12 girls selected from the SISAC and the Fobisia team. These girls had never played together, however, they were supporting one another and reminding each other of the plays learnt in training.  It was a very hot day in district 7, but we had a squad of 12 so the girls worked hard and regular subs were made. There was a fantastic buzz in the crowd with lots of parents spectating supporting the students. 
BIS were first up against ISHCMC. The SISAC team had already come up against the school in the league and beat them 2-0 so they were hoping for another victory. At half time the girls were up 2-0 with the striker Molly scoring 2 goals. In the second half our goal keeper Tu Anh made a fantastic save pushing the ball out for a corner. Final score ended 2-0 to BIS again. 
Our final game was against SSIS. The girls demonstrated much better understanding for the plays in this game finishing the first half 6-0, with Kimberley supporting in defence not letting anything past her so no shots for the opposing team on goal. Second half the girls demonstrated great sportsmanship and finished the game winning 8-0, with Phuong Anh becoming our top goal scorer. 
The girls took home the trophy and outlined being the best team in the city. Congratulations girls! The Fobisia girls will continue to train hard and focus more on the plays, we wish them luck in Thailand. 


Kelly Mason

U15 Boys Football

End of Season Football Tournament Hosted by BIS @ BIS

From the first whistle in the first game to the last whistle of the final, the U15 boys really showcased their class of football.
We won our first game 3-0 against TAS. We continuously played out from the back comfortably and professionally and that came down to our two fantastic centre backs;  Lewis and Subin. They drove us up the field to get our 3 goals and secure the win and keep a clean sheet.
Our second game was much of the same against a tougher opponent in RISS. By this time it was getting very hot so the coach rotated lots of players throughout the game and every single person played a massive part in securing the 3-0 win. Yuto was unstoppable and was up and down the field. Defending at one end, scoring at the other. A great game and on to the semi-finals. 
Semi-finals are always difficult games, and for us, in the heat, we didn't start the game how we would have liked and BIS went 1-0 down after a few minutes. Our captain really showed everyone around why he is our skipper, Seb De Geer dug deep and lifted everyone’s head and spirit with his positive words and encouragement. He also led by example with the ball at his feet and he got the boys over the line with a fantastic comeback 4-1 victory. Bring on the final! 
It had been a long and very hot day and all teams had given 100% effort, notably in the other semi-final between ISHCMC and RISS going to penalty kicks. RISS came out as winners but they had to face an on fire and flying BIS team in the final. But you can’t take anything away from the BIS boys who were in winners mode. Nothing was going to stop them from getting gold. We took full advantage of tired legs and were able to rotate a lot of our outstanding squad players throughout the final. The RISS defence just could not handle Yoshio Yamada up top. He was causing them a lot of problems and this led us comfortably to a 5-0 victory. What a game. What a day! Lifting the trophy at the end is only the start with this team and they have a bright future in football. 
Eoin Dolan

U15 Girls Football End of Season

Football Tournament Hosted by BIS @ BIS

BIS started their opening game brightly in the U15 girl’s football tournament. Lili and Gia Han caused SIS all manner of problems down the flanks and both got on the scoresheet to secure a solid 4-1 win. Unfortunately, the girls couldn’t follow this up in their second game, losing to SSIS 3-1.
Despite the intense heat and injuries to several key players, the girls gave everything in their final group game. A fine goal from Daphne and a battling draw against AIS was unfortunately not quite enough to see them through to the final. However, the girls rallied in the third-place playoff with Casi scoring a 20-yard screamer to seal a 3-1 victory against SIS. Special mention to Xuka Ko for coming on from the stands as our emergency substitute goalkeeper! Well done girls, hope you have better luck next time!

Won 4-1 against SIS Lili, Gia Han, Casi (2)
Lost 3-1 against SSIS (Casi)
Drew 1-1 against AIS (Daphne)
Won 3-1 against SIS (3rd place playoff Anna (1) Casi (2)

Ben Silitoe 

U13-15 Table Tennis



End of Season Table Tennis Tournament Hosted by CIS @ SSIS

The U13 and U15 table tennis teams headed off to SSIS in District 7 for the City championship tournament. Both teams were really competitive in a tournament where the standard of play was very high. 


The U13s played extremely well as a team and managed to win the overall trophy as well as eight of the nine individual trophies! It was a really good atmosphere at the tournament and all our players enjoyed the experience as well as their success. 



Ben, Elias, Junyi, Eric, Pranav, Arthur


In the U15s, Prannav and Nathan won the doubles trophy for the third seed teams, and the whole team had some really good results against the other competing schools, but could not secure any further trophies.



Aadi, Joel, Gordon, Taegyu, Nathan, Prannav  


Simon Williams