BIS HCMC students achieve outstanding IBDP results - BIS HCMC students achieve outstanding IBDP results
06 July, 2023

BIS HCMC students achieve outstanding IBDP results placing them amongst the best worldwide

BIS HCMC students achieve outstanding IBDP results - BIS HCMC students achieve outstanding IBDP results
We are incredibly proud to announce that our class of 2023, the second largest cohort ever with 107 students have surpassed all IBDP global averages! Once again, the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes of our students has been recognised with stunning academic results that place them among the very best worldwide. 

BIS HCMC students achieve outstanding IBDP results - BIS HCMC students achieve outstanding IBDP results

With a truly impressive average point score of 36.6, our graduates achieved significantly higher than the global average of 30.2 points. Once again this result is an incredible 6 points above the world average, which has been the case for several years reflecting the consistency in quality across all of our disciplines.

1 in 3 BIS HCMC students (34.6%) achieved an outstanding 40 points or more, an astonishing achievement given the UK average is 15.9%. This year, 2 of our students achieved a perfect score of 45, falling in the top 1% worldwide, and 9 of them achieved a near perfect score of 43 or 44. Behind these truly impressive results are 107 incredibly hard-working and dedicated students experiencing their own personal journeys to success.  

These results are the culmination of not only the last two years of the IB Diploma Programme but rather mark an important milestone as our latest graduates complete their school careers and take their first steps at the world’s best universities. With hundreds of offers received from top 100 universities, we are eagerly anticipating the final university and subject choices of the class of 2023 over the coming days and weeks. 

BIS HCMC IBDP results highlights: 

  • Top score achieved: 45 points by 2 students
  • Near Perfect Score achieved: 43 or 44 points by 9 students
  • Average IB Diploma points score: 36.6 points (world average: 30.2 points)
  • Near Perfect Score (43+): 9 students
  • Students achieving 40 points and above: 34.6% (UK average: 15.9, world average is not currently available)
  • Average subject score: 5.7 (world average: 4.8)
  • Students awarded the full IB Diploma: 98.1% (world average: 79.4%) 
  • Students awarded the bilingual diploma: 13.1% 

BIS HCMC students achieve outstanding IBDP results - BIS HCMC students achieve outstanding IBDP results

The Class of 2023 have in many ways faced the most challenging set of circumstances of any recent cohort affected by the COVID pandemic, with the first 25% of their IBDP journey conducted online yet still with the challenge of a full unamended IBDP curriculum and examination series to meet.  These circumstances have meant each student has had to show even greater perseverance, adaptability and commitment to overcome obstacles, and have done so successfully with the support of parents, teachers, and each other.  Having achieved these incredible results, it is without a doubt that these exceptional BIS HCMC students will now go on to succeed in their chosen paths and we look forward to hearing of their ongoing successes. 

Anthony Rowlands, Principal of BIS HCMC shared his delight:

“Our class of 2023 have excelled themselves with this outstanding set of IB results and we are very proud of every one of them. They have been a wonderful cohort of students who have always acted with integrity, showing great perseverance and resilience in achieving these excellent outcomes. A great deal of credit must go to their parents and to our staff for guiding them thoughtfully, and with great care, throughout their time at BIS HCMC. My sincere congratulations to the class of 2023!” 


The Class of 2023 shared a very special Graduation ceremony at the Park Hyatt Saigon on Saturday 20th May. 

Watch the magic of the day here: 

 “Our congratulations and very best wishes for the next exciting stage of their journey go to all our students. Well done Class of 2023!” 
Sean O’Neill, Head of Secondary BIS HCMC

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, commonly referred to as the IBDP, is an internationally recognised two-year education programme for students aged 16-19. The programme is a highly regarded and extremely well accepted qualification for entry into top universities and prestigious institutions worldwide. Click here to learn more about the International Baccalaureate Diploma at BIS HCMC.