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May 15, 2023

Nord Anglia Launches A Little Bit of Genius Podcast Series 2

a little bit of genius

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Nord Anglia Education has launched a brand-new education podcast series called A Little Bit of Genius. In this second series, hear two of our students quiz world experts about their lives and careers. Nord Anglia’s podcast series is just one of the many incredible opportunities that we offer to students to ensure their education inspires them.

A Little Bit of Genius is now available to download on streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The interviews with notable guests include Bertrand Piccard, a world-famous explorer, a record-breaking balloonist, an aviator, author and psychiatrist; and Ashley De La Rosa, a professional Broadway performer who has landed leading roles in popular musicals such as Hamilton, Mean Girls, Rent and more. These episodes are available now.

Darren Nicholas, Head of School at the British International School of Boston, said: “Nord Anglia’s new podcast series, A Little Bit of Genius, is another standout example of the kind of unique opportunities that our students have as part of our global organization. We’re excited for our parents and students to download and listen to the podcast and be inspired by what our special guests have to share about creativity.”

Click on the following link to listen to Nord Anglia’s A Little Bit of Genius podcast series:  Enjoy!