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29 October, 2018

Global Challenge

Global Challenge As part of the Global Campus initiative, we are working on a variety of projects this term.

Global Challenge 2018

As part of the Global Campus initiative, we are working on a variety of projects this term.  It would be great if you could encourage your children to have a go at some of these projects. THINK GLOBALLY, GET INVOLVED!

We have already entered the Global Challenge and had the World‘s Largest Lesson.  Pupils looked at the UN Goals of 4 (Quality Education) and 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions).  Children across the school were engaged in activities including recording sound bites on what these Goals mean to them and the production of games and comic strips explaining them.  

For more information on the Goals and the Global Challenge, please click on the link below:


GC Photographer of the Year

At present we are engaged in the Photographer of the Year competition, and classes are taking part in this, however, children can work on this independently at home.  We have received many entries so far but the more the better.  All the relevant information on the competition is on the website - rules, composition course, themes and  PowerPoints .

The themes are:

Strong Institutions - Families and Friendship

Justice - Leadership and Fairness

Peace - Safety and Calmness 

Link Address:

The closing date for this is the 9th November


GC Creative Writing Competition

The creative Writing Competition is an essential part of our school's participation in Global Campus activities.  Many classes are taking the initiative and creating stories for the competition but you can encourage your children to pen their own.

Using the link below, watch Deborah Ellis, the award-winning author of The Breadwinner, offer some advice on how to write a successful story and introduce this year's Creative Writing Competition! 

This year's competition focuses on Goal 4: Quality Education. To learn more about Goal 4 and this year's competition, read through the presentation from the link. Then choose one of the four prompts, and use the walls below to tell us about your writing idea for the competition.

Make sure you submit your Creative Writing piece to your teacher by the deadline, because this year Deborah Ellis will be helping us judge the competition and providing a fantastic prize to the winners!

Prompt 1 - Write from the perspective of someone seeking quality education.

Prompt 2 - How would you overcome not having access to education

Prompt 3 - What can students do to think globally and act locally?

Prompt 4 - How has your education had a positive influence?

Link Address:

The closing date for this is the 14th December


GC U8 Comic Book Competition

U8 Comic Book Competition was run for the first time last year.  We were incredibly successful with our entries, winning a range of prizes.  Years 2 and 3 dedicated a large portion of curriculum time to this and the effort paid off.  Not only will we be attempting this in school but you can also get your children to try it at home and send the entries into your teacher.

Please use the link below to watch the Google slide presentation on the competition, and then have fun creating!

The closing date for this is 25th January 2019

Ask the Artist

Ask The Artist

As part of the Julliard Programme, Global Campus offers your children the chance to ask artists about their life and inspirations. This year, the featured artist is Jasmine Batchelor. Pupils can post questions for the artist on the website by following the link below. They need to be posted by the 2nd of November and Jasmine will reply by the 27th November - so please check after this date for replies.

Please take a look at Jasmine's Biography:

Actor Jasmine Batchelor is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. After dancing and singing throughout her childhood, she happened upon the black box of the Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts at Pebblebrook High School. Jasmine has been hooked on theater ever since! Before attending The Juilliard School for Drama in 2011, she attended Wright State University, where she studied acting and dance, and toured with the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey’s “Shakespeare LIVE!” educational troupe. 

Her professional credits include regional performances at Human Race Theater Company (Dayton, OH), Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey (Madison, NJ), Baltimore Center Stage (Baltimore, MD), Two River Theater (Red Bank, NJ), and TheaterWorks Hartford (Hartford, CT). In New York, she’s starred in workshops, readings, and new play developments at Manhattan Theater Club, Ars Nova, New York Theatre Workshop, and Strangemen Theatre Company. She’s also appeared as a series regular on the out-of-this-world Go90 digital series, Miss 2059, and guest starred in episodes of The Affair, The Good Fight, and most recently, NBC’s new hit medical drama, New Amsterdam. In 2019, she’ll begin filming as the lead in the independent film The Surrogate, helmed by up-and-coming director and writer, Jeremy Hersh. 

While at Juilliard, she was involved in the school and local community. At school, she served on the board of the Martin Luther King Celebration and wrote for The Juilliard Journal. Though discouraged, Jasmine’s favorite thing to do at Juilliard was sing in the stairwell. Outside of school, Jasmine taught dance and theater studies in various states and neighborhoods, focusing mainly on reaching at-risk students and black and brown neighborhoods. She continues to work as a teaching artist and mentor.

Jasmine very much enjoys Sour Patch Kids and stand-up comedy. She is currently writing her own comedy pilot and is determined to make her dream of creating a Lorraine Hansberry biopic a reality in the next five years.