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04 October, 2019

Gold level of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Gold level of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Nadine P. our freshly graduated student has got her gold level of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award approved!

Gold is the third and final level of the Award and takes a minimum of 12 months to complete.
There is a lot of hard work and dedication behind this award, and we are so incredibly proud of Nadine!


There are 5 main categories including Service, Skills, Physical Recreation, Adventurous Journey, and Residential Projects.

Nadine completed Long Distance Running, English Literature and Creative Writing Skills, Teaching Assistance, Residential Project, Adventurous Project and Magistrala Vysoke Tatry a Rohace.

Some of the inspirational quotes from Nadine:

Long Distance Running
„ I want to improve both my skill and stamina at athletic sports, running most specifically because I have never been particularly good at it and I want to improve. I am going to do this by running in my free time. I want to be able to run 10km in the forest under an hour. In the winter it is going to be very hard to run, however, I am going to do my best to at least do laps around the school running track.“

English Literature/Creative Writing Skills
„I'm going to take a set number (perhaps 3-4) online courses on futurelearn focused on creative writing and drama, and expanding my skills and understanding of these; because I see it as my career. By doing this, I would want to develop my understanding and skills in these areas through online learning. I will apply these skills in my own story writing and will clearly show the impact on the quality of my work.“

Teaching Assistance
„I am going to run an independent drama club for KS3 students in my school, and teach them the knowledge I acquired from my own personal studies as well as my residential project. I want to help them develop their passion for drama.“

Residential Project
„By attending this musical theatre summer camp, I would not only develop my own personal interest in different types of drama, but learn from professionals and have fun while learning dance, song, and acting techniques that are unique to the world of musical theatre. I would also want to get inspired from the workshops I attended and use that inspiration to teach younger kids in my service activity.“

Thank you Nadine for representing us, you are a role model and an inspiration for all of us!