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November 29, 2023

Approaches to Teaching and Learning

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Approaches to Teaching and Learning

In the dynamic landscape of education, the methodology employed in teaching plays a pivotal role in shaping the learning experiences of students. At BISC (British International School of Charlotte), the approach to teaching is a multifaceted framework. Grounded in the principles of inquiry, the educational philosophy at BISC places a significant emphasis on empowering students to seek and construct their own knowledge. The following delves into the distinctive features of BISC's teaching methodology, exploring how it not only fosters conceptual understanding but also intertwines with local and global contexts.

Approaches to Teaching is the way we present our content to be engaging and enlightening. At BISC, teaching is:

  • Based on inquiry. A strong emphasis is placed on students finding their own information and constructing their own understandings.

  • Focused on conceptual understanding. Concepts are explored to both deepen disciplinary understanding and to help students make connections and transfer learning to new contexts.

  • Developed in local and global contexts. Teaching uses real-life contexts and examples, and students are encouraged to process new information by connecting it to their own experiences and to the world around them.

  • Focused on effective teamwork and collaboration. This includes promoting teamwork and collaboration between students, but also refers to the collaborative relationship between teachers and students.

  • Designed to remove barriers to learning. Teaching is inclusive and values diversity. It affirms students’ identities and aims to create learning opportunities that enable every student to develop and pursue appropriate personal goals.

  • Informed by assessment. Assessment plays a crucial role in supporting, as well as measuring, learning. This approach also recognizes the crucial role of providing students with effective feedback.


Complementing this, the discussion expands into the Approaches to Learning, an initiative aimed at developing critical executive skills essential for student success. As we navigate through these educational facets, we uncover how BISC is dedicated to not just imparting knowledge but nurturing a holistic learning environment that equips students with the skills crucial for their academic and personal growth.


Approaches to Learning is the development of skills that play a crucial role in student success:

  • Thinking skills, including areas such as critical thinking, creative thinking, and ethical thinking

  • Research skills, including skills such as comparing, contrasting, validating, and prioritizing information

  • Communication skills, including skills such as written and oral communication, effective listening, and formulating arguments

  • Social skills, including areas such as forming and maintaining positive relationships, listening skills, and conflict resolution

  • Self-management skills, including both organizational skills, such as managing time and tasks, and affective skills, such as managing state of mind and motivation.


In conclusion, the educational ethos at the British International School of Charlotte is a rich tapestry woven with the threads of innovative teaching methodologies and comprehensive skill development. Through the integration of these approaches, BISC stands as a beacon in the dynamic landscape of education, shaping students into well-rounded individuals prepared for success in the ever-evolving world.