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11 September, 2019

The Journey of a Lifetime: Updates on the Race

The Journey of a Lifetime: Updates on the Race 67830930_376326386632187_4554749403886840504_n

I thought I would update you on Dad’s race around the world. It was a baptism of fire and a brutal end of the first journey for team GoToBermuda; the entry into the English Channel, and then through the Bay of Biscay, was intense with boats being pounded by waves and winds keeping the boat at a fairly steady 45 degree angle! Half the crew were seasick for days, forced to stay below deck and leaving the other half to do all of the work – they all certainly had to be adaptable! The team, however, worked hard and maintained third place for the majority of the race.

Unfortunately, on their approach to the first stop in Portimao, Portugal, a decision to turn left somewhere in the Atlantic had the boat sail straight into a wind hole. With other boats noticing their predicament, they were able to miss the wind hole and sail past, leaving Dad’s boat to come in at ninth place; needless to say, they were very frustrated but happy to finish. I got the chance to talk to Dad on Monday and he did say he had at some points had second thoughts about his decision, but he has found his resilience and is now ready for the next four week journey to Uruguay, which leaves again on Sunday. He is now enjoying a few days in the sunshine, apparently with lots of work to do on the boat to get it ready for the long upcoming journey.

Remember, you can follow along with Dad’s journey here  (go to the Race Viewer page to see his exact location)

If you would like to donate to his chosen charity, please click here.

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-Sarah Pearce, Assistant Head- Professional Development