Construction Update - May 27, 2015-construction-update--may-27-2015-Nord Anglia Education
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May 27, 2015

Construction Update - May 27, 2015

Construction Update - May 27, 2015-construction-update--may-27-2015-11627exteriorrooftopspace1
Construction Update - May 27, 2015
Construction Update - May 27, 2015 We're nearing the end of construction at the South Loop campus!

There's less than a month to go in the current school year and summer is rapidly approaching! With that in mind, things are moving along on schedule at the new South Loop campus and everyone is getting very excited to see the new space when it opens to staff in July. 

  • The outside field space has seen significant progress with the excavation work that has been ongoing and is now being prepared for field turf installation. Work is set to begin this coming week. 
  • Following significant progress of 9th Street preparation, both Taylor Street and the east alley are being prepared for upgrading/grade leveling/and developments for route around site. 
  • Cable line installation is ongoing and remains on current path to be completed in the first week of June. 
  • Rooftop space continues to see steady progress and the fencing set to be installed for separation of park and mechanical systems has seen its poles installed for fencing to be added. 
  • Exterior north elevator is being installed and is on track to be completed in upcoming weeks.
  • Bathroom partition installation is ongoing and has been added into the early learning spaces. Additionally, our electronic hand dryers have been added into planned bathrooms. 
  • Have engaged with soap dispenser/hand sanitizer provider at existing school (through site maintenance team) to plan for installation at new campus. 
  • Kitchen equipment installation is ongoing and we recently had new service provider Quest walk through the space to ensure everything was in order.
  • Basement level epoxy flooring is ongoing through the lower level of the building and is on schedule. 
  • Design Technology has seen its roof top outlets installed this week and has progressed steadily with no issues. 
  • Finalization of bleachers and gym finishes are being installed and are on schedule. 
  • Cabinetry work is ongoing throughout the building in spaces such as the administrative lounge, teachers lounge and teachers workroom. 
  • Brought music team in to review recording studio space and propose options for planning school uses for educational opportunities in August.