"Wow!" and Other Student Sentiments after Our Juilliard Visit-wow-and-other-student-sentiments-after-our-juilliard-visit-Nord Anglia Education
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February 01, 2016

"Wow!" and Other Student Sentiments after Our Juilliard Visit

"Wow!" and Other Student Sentiments after Our Juilliard Visit-wow-and-other-student-sentiments-after-our-juilliard-visit-JUL160105_B191
"Wow!" and Other Student Sentiments after Our Juilliard Visit
"Wow!" and Other Student Sentiments after Our Juilliard Visit Two students share how recent visitors from The Juilliard School have inspired their own music-making.

We recently shared an extraordinary day with visitors from The Juilliard School. Dr. Joseph Polisi, President of Juilliard, as well as members of the renowned Juilliard Orchestra joined us for a full day of events showcasing our performing arts collaboration. For highlights from the visit, watch the video above and read our recap here.

It’s not hard to see why our students are still talking about it! Below, two students in Year 7 recount their experience that day and how it has inspired their own music-making.

“I’m excited to incorporate the Juilliard musicians’ emotion and technique into my own playing.” ~Katie B.

Juilliard’s visit to Chicago afforded me not one, but two once-in-a-lifetime opportunities! First, I had the chance to watch performances, in my very own school, by the principal violinist and principal violist of The Juilliard Orchestra. As soon as Mr. Lipman and Mr. Na began to play their solos, I was immediately amazed at the quality of the sound. It was rich and seemed almost effortless. I’ve been playing the violin since Year 5, and on top of my coursework, I take lessons outside of school. Two years later, I still find it tricky to maintain a perfect sound when playing, so it’s incredible to imagine how long Mr. Lipman and Mr. Na must practice to sound so flawless. It’s an amazing honor to be the principal instrument, especially in The Juilliard Orchestra.

I also attended a performance by The Juilliard Orchestra at Harris Theater, where I listened to outstanding pieces of music and amazing soloists. One soloist had such a sincere, animated expression while he played that I felt as if he was telling me a story. On top of that, his piece was over 30 minutes long, and he memorized it all!

I am so honored to have seen such awesome performances, and I’m excited to incorporate the musicians' emotion and technique into my own playing.

“The Juilliard performers have inspired me to practice even harder at the violin.” ~Rossana T.

All I can say is “Wow”! When Juilliard visited Chicago, I had the special opportunity to watch The Juilliard Orchestra rehearse at Harris Theater and to meet the world-famous violinist and conductor Itzhak Perlman. It truly was such an outstanding experience.

During the rehearsal, I really enjoyed hearing the feedback that Mr. Perlman shared with the musicians. I was also really impressed by the musicians’ ability to play such complicated music, with each piece lasting at least 20 minutes. One of the pieces showcased a remarkable solo cellist, who was able to memorize an entire 30-minute piece of work.

I’ve been playing the violin for about two-and-a-half years, so it’s difficult to fathom how long many of these musicians have been playing their instruments. I continue to grow in my performance abilities and am inspired to continue getting better, thanks to the chance to watch the Juilliard performers.