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February 26, 2018

A Lively Visit from Juilliard-Trained Musicians

A Lively Visit from Juilliard-Trained Musicians-a-lively-visit-from-juilliard-trained-musicians-Casey and Flutronix_Page Link
A Lively Visit from Juilliard-Trained Musicians
A Lively Visit from Juilliard-Trained Musicians Flutronix led music workshops, performed, and sat down for this interview with Casey in Year 7.

By Casey, Year 7

As part of our exciting performing arts collaboration with The Juilliard School, we frequently welcome professional musicians. Recently we enjoyed a visit from talented flutists Nathalie Joachim and Allison Loggins-Hull, also known as Flutronix. Throughout their visit, they led classes through music workshops, performed, and sat down for interviews with some members of the student body.

“The Nord Anglia [and Juilliard] partnership has been really wonderful,” said Ms. Joachim. “The student body is always consistently so amazing every time we come to these schools.”

Flutronix is a musical duo that combines the traditional sound of the flute with electronic accents. Ms. Joachim and Ms. Loggins-Hull studied at Juilliard and taught there. Having played flute for 25 years, the partners have produced several original songs together, some uniquely inspired by their hometown of New York City.

“We both grew up loving the flute and loving classical music, but we also had these other artists and genres that we listened to,” said Ms. Loggins-Hull. “We wanted to find a way to combine the worlds because we were always flute players who liked electronic music. When we formed Flutronix, we [aimed] to combine these two voices.”

The talent of Flutronix does not stop at the flute; they also sing alongside some of their music, which they begin composing on the piano.

When asked what advice they would give to an aspiring musician, Ms. Joachimsaid, “You are always going to be learning as an artist, and I think that it is okay to know that actually every artist goes through periods when they aren’t sure if they could ever learn more. Everyone goes through challenges at every phase of their career and to keep persevering through that is really, really key. Pursuing a career as a musician is something that can be really challenging, and I always find comfort knowing that even the best flute players in the world have days when they don’t feel like even the best flutist. Just keep trying and you will always get through those times.”

Flutronix credits their incredible musical abilities to practicing every day and growing up listening to a wide range of musical genres.

I am very grateful that we had the chance to meet Flutronix, and we hope they can come visit us again soon!