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22 February, 2019

Chinese Language Literature

The Chinese language and literature course introduces the critical study and interpretation of written and spoken texts from a wide range of literary forms and non-literary text-types. An understanding of how language, culture and context determine the construction of meaning is developed through the exploration of texts, some of which are studied in translation, from a variety of cultures, periods, text-types and literary forms.

This course is organised into three areas of exploration and focuses on the study of both literary and non-literary texts. Together, the three areas of exploration allow the student to explore Chinese language through:

  • its cultural development and use
  • its media forms and functions
  • its literature.

Students develop skills of literary and textual analysis and, also, the ability to present their ideas effectively. They develop the techniques needed for the critical analysis of communication, becoming sensitive to interactions between text, audience and purpose.

In choosing to study Chinese Language and Literature, You’ll study a broad range of texts and appreciate the wealth and subtlety of this language in a variety of contexts. This course will develop you as a language student and as an observer of humanity. We hope it will instill habits of reading great literature that will stay with you long after you’ve finished the DP.


Assessment outline for Chinese A

  • Paper 1 Reading and Writing Skills 35%

SL – Students must read an essay requiring the analysis of unseen non-literary text

HL - students must read two essays requiring the analysis of unseen non-literary and literary texts.

  • Paper 2 Writing Skills  25%

SL/ HL – Students must write a comparative response to a question based on two literary works studied, requiring the analysis of unseen non-literary text.

  • Individual Oral Assessment SL 30%HL 20%

Students perform an oral activity presenting their analysis of a literary work and a non-literary body of work studied.

  • Written coursework   HL 20%

HL students comply with an additional written coursework requirement, which consists of writing a 1200 - 1500 word essay on one of the works or bodies of work studied.