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01 July, 2022

Student Reflection about Helping the Community

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At The British International School Shanghai, Puxi, we take pride in teaching our students about empathy, compassion and kindness. Students who are involved with volunteering and giving back to the community become admirable leaders and learners.  

Student Responding to Students (SRS) is a programme offered at The British International School Shanghai, Puxi. SRS allows secondary students to provide for and participate in extracurricular activities in a local Chinese migrant school.  

Three of our Year 12 students reflect on the programme and offer insight as to whatthe programme means to them in a reflection on helping the community.  

Reflection about community service through SRS 

Read reflections from Rachel Shin, Christine Seok and Iqah Effendy on the SRS program and the time they spend with their little buddies at the Xiu Long Migrant School below. 

Every Tuesday, students visit Qingpu Xiu Long Migrant School to support the SRS programme by being a big brother or sister. We have found that students in migrant schools spend most of their time studying. These students often don’t have time to spend with their parents due to their parents’ long-working hours, therefore, many students are in need of programmes outside their normal academic classes. 

As a big brother or sister, we read storybooks written in English and Chinese to these students and spend time discussing the story with them. During extra time, we do sports activities with our little buddies, including badminton, ping-pong, basketball and rope jumping to strengthen the bonds between us. 

We personally find this experience worthwhile and meaningful as we are contributing to the problems of educational inequalities faced by migrant students, and we are improving their self-confidence to gain knowledge. Also, it is a rewarding experience in that we can improve our Chinese skills and build up relationships with our little buddies. 

We are looking forward to the rest of our time with them and are really glad to have this great chance to participate in such a meaningful and valuable activity. 

Community service reflection from more students  

“It is an enjoyment to see these kids, every time I see them they all have a huge smile on their faces.  They have respect for one another – I love my buddies!”  - Yvonne Huang, 9S 

“I think being a part of SRS has been a great privilege and it’s been fun and refreshing to spend time with these children.  It was a wonderful experience that I am glad I chose to take part in.  The kids are a delight.”  - Meagan Tan, 10B 

“Tuesdays, the day that I make a kid smile.” - Kirsty Tytherleigh, 10B 

“The kids look so happy and it was nice to be with them.  My buddy was never shy and this is a unique opportunity to see more of our world.”  - Jason Tang, 10U 

“It was a very exciting experience as I get to spend time with my little buddies.  Every Tuesday, I look forward to seeing my little buddies.  It is really fun and I hope more people are able to join this programme. “ - Iqah Effendy, 12P 

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