Andy Puttock
Andy Puttock
28 June, 2022

Year 7 Complete The ‘Myself and Our School’ Project

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Year 7 students at BISS Puxi have been very busy producing a cross-curricular project based on both their identities and their school environment. Subject teachers worked hard to produce innovative lessons, the work from which was then compiled independently by students in any format they wished.

The quality of work produced by the year group as a whole was outstanding and we therefore felt we needed to celebrate their achievements.

The eleven students below received Principal’s commendations for their exceptional efforts producing scrapbooks, videos and even 3D models:

  • Ryan Park 7P
  • Freyha Khogali 7S
  • Kai Xiang Yeoh 7P
  • Lulu Collins 7U
  • Maja Magnusson 7I
  • Xanthe Lord 7U
  • Matthew Bae 7S
  • Jimin Park 7P
  • Samuel Cawley 7B
  • Helena Wang 7S
  • Ellie Andersson Disley 7I

As well as the above, a large number of students were also awarded with Head Teacher Commendations.

Freyha Khogali in 7S explains below how she constructed her project, and why she enjoyed the process:

“What?” I said when I found out; what was I going to do?

‘’Last summer, Year 6 were told that they were completing an introductory project and we could display it in any format we wished. Through the first week of school, I decided on a scrapbook.

However, when I found out that we were completing poems about ourselves in English as well as ‘Slam Poetry’ in Languages, my idea expanded into a poem book. I found ways to change subjects- for example, I turned a PSHE icebreaker into a poem about my classmates and BISS Puxi. In between these were pictures of myself. This was an enjoyable experience, even though it was difficult. It was a challenge to come up with ideas, but when it was completed and you could say “mine was chosen!”, a proud feeling came’’.

We would like to say a huge well done to every Year 7 student who worked hard for this project.

Your fantastic efforts have been recognised and you have shown us what you can do!

Holly Mitchell, Head of Year 7