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14 June, 2019

Wishing You a Great Break

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I still remember that feeling of excitement at being at the start of long summer holidays without a care in the world, I imagine you do too as it is such a powerful childhood memory. 

We have had many celebrations and assemblies presenting awards across the last few weeks of school and these have been a great source of satisfaction for teachers, students and parents as we reflect on the successes of the year gone by. Now though, young minds turn to lazy days and new places as they luxuriate in completing another school year and the reward of their summer holiday. This is such an important time for them, full as it is of the opportunity to explore new aspects of their childhood: important time with extended family perhaps, or opportunities to enjoy simple, non-academic experiences such as wind in their hair or sun on their backs. 

In many ways, it is the contrast of schools days and holidays that makes the school student’s year come alive. That rich tapestry of life’s experience that lasts just long enough to make the return to school and friendships, new year groups and new challenges, an appealing prospect at the end of a summer thoroughly enjoyed. For those moving country, the new year represents all the wonderful possibilities of new friendships, bolstered with an international network of past friendships formed in our school.

So wherever you are this summer, we wish you a great break and good times, and we look forward to welcoming you back to our wonderful school, with all of its exciting new developments, in August.

So until then, take care and best wishes!

Dr Neil Hopkin