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19 November, 2022

The Higher Education Guidance Team

The team consists of Jessie Lee, an expert in applications to the top universities in Korea. Ms. Lee has been with BISS for 5 years, and during this time, has cultivated strong relationships with Korean members of our cohort. Her role as CAS Coordinator enables her to get to know our students intimately and challenge them to take risks that expand their horizons and push them out of their comfort zones.

June Yao has been with BISS for nearly 15 years. After being in the school for so long, Ms. Yao is someone who knows the ins and outs of our campus and its community. We are extremely excited to introduce her in her new role as HE Counsellor, with a specialisation in US admissions. She has already been instrumental in coordinating visits from prestigious universities like the University of Chicago, Bocconi University, Trinity College Dublin, and most recently, EHL.

Alexander Olya joined BISS in April 2022 as the Head of Higher Education and Careers Guidance and brings with him over 7 years of experience in university counselling. Mr. Olya’s priority is getting students thinking about their future prospects earlier, and he has already given a series of assemblies to our Y10, Y11, and Y12 cohorts on how they can plan for their university applications and their careers. That having been said, he has been working closely with Year 13 students to ensure that their applications are both memorable and compelling.

The HE Team’s philosophical approach to higher education and careers guidance is to encourage students to think critically about what future society could entail and how they can position themselves to make a difference; this requires deep and honest reflection about individual strengths and weaknesses as well as historian Yuval Noah Harari’s call to action for the future: “What do we want to want?”.

We’ve already had some exciting acceptances this year, including two from University of Manchester, three from University of Warwick and one from University of Southampton, and these numbers are expected to grow significantly as more students turn in their applications and hear back from the US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, and Europe. Still, it’s important to remember: the process and the journey are just as important as the destination.

Alexander Olya
Head of Higher Education and Careers Guidance

June Yao
Higher Education Counsellor (US Admissions)

Jessie Lee
Higher Education Counsellor (Korea Admissions)