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12 December, 2022

Is BISS Puxi the way forward?

Is BISS Puxi the way forward? - Is BISS Puxi the way forward

What if you get it wrong?

Being an educator and leader in education for a number of years, specifically in the Early Years, this is something that I hadn’t previously considered until I had children of my own. When my oldest daughter started on her educational journey, I asked myself three questions.

  • What do I want my daughter to gain from a school education?
  • What skills and attributes do I want her to learn?
  • What does she want from her school experience?

Whilst pondering these questions, I recognized that I wanted my daughter to have the freedom to explore resources and her immediate environment; to be inquisitive and being encouraged to follow her interests. The skills I want her to learn are physical, logical, intellectual, social, and emotional. This is what I feel creates an agile and adaptable, holistic child prepared for the challenges of an everchanging world.

As for my daughter, she wanted to be outdoors exploring the natural environment where she could be physically active, take controlled risks, and challenge herself in different ways. She wanted a school that would allow her the freedom grow, have fun, and simply be herself.

It turns out, this is what is on offer at The British International School Shanghai, Puxi (BISS Puxi). Here we have a child led, child centered approach to learning. The outdoor setting motivates children to work together to solve problem together. Freedom is given to the students to gain the essential skills to manage conflict, communicate their needs, and co-operate with their peers in a warm, safe, and secure environment overseen by a team of excellent teachers and assistants.

Children at BISS Puxi are allowed to simply be children. They are given the opportunity to explore, imagine and understand the world around them. This method of learning helps to nurture a curious mind and create delight in developing new skills, knowledge and understanding. This creates in these children a commitment to be lifelong learners forever. This is a school that prides itself on the achievements and successes of all students.

If you want to help your child to create their future, you should connect immediately with our expert team of teachers and support staff at The British International School Shanghai, Puxi.

So, what are you waiting for?

Alfred Creissen Head of Early Years