10 October, 2023

Global Campus Step Challenge Update

Global Campus Step Challenge Update - Global Campus Step Challenge Update

Since 18 September, the BISS Community has embarked on an exciting challenge to accumulate the furthest distance possible by walking, running, swimming, surfing, skiing, cycling and any other physically-powered mode of transport.

Starting virtually at The British College of Brazil, our community clocked enough steps within the first week to reach the first destination on the map, Colegio Peruano Britianico, which is in Peru! Together, we have already covered over 2 577 kilometres. We have now set our sights on reaching our two Nord Anglia Schools in Ecuador (Colegio Menor Quito and Colegio Menor Samborondon) which are over 1 345 kilometres away.

The BISS Puxi PE staff have been delighted to see so many students and families getting involved in the challenge. This challenge is a fantastic habit for students to develop to enhance a healthy, active lifestyle. It also is a free way for families to connect with each other and other members of our community, and it is a fantastic discussion point at the school gate. We have had some wonderful conversations with our parents already about the journeys that they have taken as a family and as individuals.

We have had some busy parents joining us by logging their own treadmill times and what wonderful examples we are setting for our next generation.

The BISS Puxi staff have set up a Step Challenge to see which member of staff can do the most steps in the allotted window. Staff are also entering their class activity during the school day.

What could you do to help us to reach our goal?

Benefits of walking 15 minutes per day:

·      It improves bone health and muscle strength in children.

·      It enhances fitness and improves heart health.

·      It reduces body fat and promotes healthy body composition.

·      It supports self-esteem and happiness.

·      It helps reduce anxiety and increases confidence.

·      It improves focus and concentration, and can help improve classroom behaviour.

·      It improves memory function, maths problem solving and performance.

·      It supports improved academic attainment and cognitive performance.

Teachers report that a student who walks for 15 minutes per day will have a better attention span, show more focus and concentration in class, and when completing the walk with others, supports the ability for children to work better together.

How to log your distance

Enter your name, class, house, distance, and method of travel by using the link or QR code. Participating parents should use their own name and their child’s class and House to earn points for their child.


What do we do with the logged details?

·  The distance calculated will be sent to Global Campus Challenge organisers.

·  Students who have logged the furthest distance are being celebrated with certificates.

·  A Global Campus challenge House competition has been launched.

·  A Global Campus class competition has been launched.


Congratulations to our current Global Challenge Leaders:




Position in School

Female student who has logged the furthest distance.

Victoria Jean-Baptiste


Male student who has logged the furthest distance.

Justin Liu


Female teacher who has logged the furthest distance.

Amy Barr


Male teacher who has logged the furthest distance.

Rus Ekkel


Female parent who has logged the furthest distance.

Rachel Wynne


Male parent who has logged the furthest distance.

Dafydd Wynne



Share your photos with us:

Don’t forget to share your photos with the BISS team by emailing natasha.manley@bisspuxi.com. Also, log onto Global Campus and post on the wall to share with the rest of our Global Campus family.